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More weird @*&?% in the woods.


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Monitors have toxic chemicals used in producing them, so they are illegal to throw away. A local used computer store actually charges people $10 to take them because they have to pay to get rid of them. So, since the law makers have made them hard to dispose of properly you find them in the woods or wherever.


I'm not sure the environmental laws are always created using common sense. For example, a long time ago I read a story in a car magazine about a company that used to make fenders and stuff for old cars. They would primer the fenders in their paint booth prior to shipping them to the customer. Since the environmental laws have made it so cost prohibitive to follow the new standards the fenders are sent with no finish on them. So now we have the customer priming and painting them in the weeds behind the shed or wherever. Chances are they have no paint booth. icon_confused.gif

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True enough. If you want people to pay to use the dump and to pay extra to get rid of specal items they will do it the free way and cost us all more in the long run.


There really is a benifit to making it easy to get rid of things. One of them that we don't have to trip over them in the woods.


What's really pathetic is that if we did cache in trashe out the monitors we would end up charged for the effort.


Wherever you go there you are.

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Gee, I recently spotted a busted up keyboard in the woods while caching. I wanted to take it to remove the keys for art projects, but I was discouraged (forbidden) from bringing home anymore garbage. *Sigh*



Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. - Roy M. Goodman

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Even if this was the result of someone trying to avoid paying a disposal fee, it still doesn't make much sense. Rather than lug the thing out into the middle of the woods(?!), wouldn't you be more inclined to just drive around to the back of your local shopping mall after dark and simply drop it into one of those big metal dumpsters...? Looking at the condition of the CRT, I'm guessing that this may have been some kids wanting to see how much of a 'Phhummp!' noise an imploding monitor makes when you toss a rock through its screen (where he/she/they actually got the monitor from is anyone's guess).



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Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

Even if this _was_ the result of someone trying to avoid paying a disposal fee, it still doesn't make much sense. Rather than lug the thing out into the middle of the woods(?!), wouldn't you be more inclined to just drive around to the back of your local shopping mall after dark and simply drop it into one of those big metal dumpsters...?

Maybe, Maybe not.

Several of those dumpsters around here have locks on the lids to keep just anyone from tossing stuff in. And even if it isnt locked there may be security cameras and lights, unlike most out-of-the-way park trails.



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One of the first caches I found had all kinds of stuff from many decades ago scattered around nearby. If I remember correctly, there were a couple of trucks, some appliances, and hundreds of empty beer cans and liquor bottles; everything (not counting the bottles) was completely rusted, and a lot of it had bullet holes (it was a pretty backwoods place until a few years ago.) I guess the area was one heck of a party site way back when.



When in doubt, poke it with a stick.

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Its fairly obvious why its there. Some one thought they would take out there hatered for computers by shooting it, or beating it a bat etc... This would explain why its in the middle of no where and the broken screen (22 cal I am guessing).


Wyatt W.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

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I just saw a refridgerator IN the middle of a seasonal road that serves as the border of Letchworth State Park, complete with ruts obviously made by a truck pulling away from it at full speed.... icon_mad.gif


I have to agree about the carparts thing....I have a friend that manufactures heavy steel accessories for Toyota 4x4's, and he has to ship them raw, and leave the painting to the customer because of the environmental regulations.


This is in NY, where its difficult for him to keep them from surface rusting in the winter.

Great way to have to send a new product to a customer..... icon_rolleyes.gif







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The other day when i was out doing some scouting to put a new cache out, i came across an old mattress...and i mean old ! I must have been off the regular paths for at least a half mile...it was weird to see this thing dragged out into the woods!!!!

Darkmoon icon_eek.gif


No, I am not lost...i am where I am suppose to be...I think?

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I recently placed a cache in a gorge. Over the gorge runs a railroad bridge, probably at least 200 feet above the river. During the NJ drought, I had originally scanned the area for a possible hide, and saw a television set in the river. It must have been heaved off the bridge. Now, the river is deep and you can't see the television set anymore. I shoulda taken a photo.



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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When I take my son Casey on a cache, he usually finds something else other then the cache. He has found a pure silver 5 gram bracelet, a large deer skull with antlers, a wandering dog, (that he wanted to take home!) a couple of frisbees, baseballs, golfballs, a football, and lots of cool looking rocks and fossils.


The weirdest find, though, are the bowling balls. We did a cache on 5/24/02 and found a bowling ball that was halfway buried in cement in the middle of the woods. I took a picture and had another great story to tell. Then we did a cache on 11/10/2002 and Casey found another bowling ball in the middle of the woods. I took another picture of Casey's second bowling ball find. LOL


I posted the logs on both sites, but you can see the pictures of Casey's bowling ball finds on n*vicache.com.






Our feet go where the caches are! feet.gif

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I went on a 12 cache hunting spree this morning. I got up before the sun rose. The first cache I hit (CNK Cache) was about .25 miles in state preserve.


It was pitch black as I made my way through the woods with my flashlight. When I got to the area the cache was supposed to be I came to a fallen log. Sitting on it, stacked very neatly, was a pair of gloves, a pack of ciggarettes and a chrome lighter. Sitting there as if the owner had simply stepped away and would be back any minute.


I'm tellin' ya -- the thought of being alone in the woods, in the dark with a stranger really made the hair on my neck stand on end. I found the cache, logged it and returned to my van. (looking over my shoulder the whole way).


I thought I was in a twilight zone episode. icon_wink.gif


Jolly R. Blackburn


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