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Favorite Cache Container?


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I like ammo cans myself. They are durable, easily painted and tough as nails. What do you like?


Include you choices for micros as well. Some of the micro ideas I have seen are drill bit containers, film canisters, and one I came up with earlier today, dremel cutter containers.


So what are your favorites? icon_razz.gif

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3 gallon sealable chemical buckets I reclaim from the lab.


Or 1 litre sealable nalgene sample bottles cleaned out and reclaimed from the lab.


Or 1 gallon sealable buckets from the lab or anywhere else.


Notice that all the containers are sealable and FREE!


(actually, some of my favourite finds have been the custom containers, such as cliffy's containers.)

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Seemed like Tupperware was the container of choice when I started. They have almost become a cliché for geocaching. I’ve gotta go with the ammo boxes myself. It seems like the Tupperware container caches I've seen are always popping open or are so stuffed that they are hard to close.


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Ammo boxes for sure! I recently visited a cache in Florida (Mantazas cache, Ft. Myers) which survived a 3+ foot storm surge without a drop of water inside! If a box can withstand the hydrostatic pressure of 3+ feet of water, then I would imagine it could handle just about anything else...

Lately though, I've had a tough time locating places north of Boston that carry Ammo boxes. The last time I found some were at the Fryeburg fair back in October. If anyone knows of any particular places (army-navy stores) that stock ammo boxes, let me know!

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I also am fond of ammo cans. A few local cachers have been creative in decorating them with paint, felt linings, copper Geocache decorations, etc. One of the more creative containers that I have run into so far is Octopus's Garden reincarnation by The_Mariner, in the Charlotte, NC area. Not to give anything away, but you have to really be on your toes if you are used to a certain style of hide in an area (under a fallen tree). I hid a gladware container this year, mostly because another nearby cache had gone missing several times, and the site is prone to high traffic, and someone spotting you while finding the cache. If it holds up, I will be upgrading the container this spring.


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The tupperware containers that I run into are usually overflowing with trinkets and badly battered. Ammo cans seem to be the container of choice. However, when I think of ammo cans I think of those old metal ones. I prefer the heavy black plastic ones (ABS?). They are about 14X14X5 and can be labelled easily.


Here's one for my upcoming Mensa Cache.



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Originally posted by geospotter:

I prefer the heavy black plastic ones (ABS?). They are about 14X14X5 and can be labelled easily.

What brand is it? Waterproof seal? Impact resistant? Can you show a pic with it open? TIA!


~Rich in NEPA~




=== A man with a GPS receiver knows where he is; a man with two GPS receivers is never sure. ===

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Yes, it has a waterproof seal. Impact resistant? You could drive a truck over it! Brand? Military surplus. It can be opened at either end (both have waterproof seals). Won't rust. Plenty of room. Holes for attaching a lock if you want to secure it.


I buy them at any surplus store, right next to the metal ammo cans.


Here's a photo of it opened, along with the micros for the clues.




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Originally posted by geospotter:

I buy them at any surplus store, right next to the metal ammo cans.

I've never seen them before. I assume they are U.S. surplus, right? Now, I wonder if Cheaper Than Dirt has them? Thanks for the info.


~Rich in NEPA~




=== A man with a GPS receiver knows where he is; a man with two GPS receivers is never sure. ===

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I was at my local Army Surplus store, (I can rememebr the name but not how to spell it. Is the third grade considered a senior year?) and the gentlemean who runs it was telling me the the army is starting to destroy ALL of it's surplus stuff. Reason being that they dont want militia (sp) and other hideing/storing/haveing weapon caches outr in the woods. Can anybody elaborate on this.....


"My gps say's it RIGHT HERE".


1240 plus miles and only 8 caches?

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Well, I posted this before in this thread here:



But here's a run-down of the containers I plan on using to make my first contributions to the list of caches in my area.


Kalamata olive containers. I have these in what I think is the five gallon size. I have about a dozen. I've been thinking about sending a few to Jeremy to let him sell them on the site as a kind of geocaching kit. They have a double lid with o-ring. They're great. They also come in smaller but usable sizes, but I haven't been able to track them down. Example (small size...I can't find one of the larger one): http://shop.store.yahoo.com/chiamp/greekkalolin.html


Waterproof utility boxes in three sizes:



Waterproof, crushproof Otter Boxes: http://www.otterbox.com/index2.html


Waterproof, crushproof Pelican cases can be found here: http://www.cases4less.com/


Underseat canoe boxes for *really* large caches are great. You can also use those five gallon and smaller buckets found in Home Depot and Lowe's stores. The lids are good and tight and the handles usually don't go all the way through the sides of the bucket. Many of these can be found on eBay at just about any given time.


Sorry for the long links, shorterlink.com seems to be broken right now.

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Originally posted by macro:

Where do you get them? I havent seen these but I like what I see. Can someone provide info on where we can get these?




Took a bit of surfing, but I found a source, CalArmy!



Its phone order only, 1-866-938-0720 (sounds like the Dell Dude on the other end icon_wink.gif ) I've got two on order, these look great!


They are only $8 each, size is 13" x 13" x 5"





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