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Valid cache trades


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I was looking at a recent cache log on the website and was a bit startled by what I saw. Is it all right to trade a TB for some nice cache swag? The geocacher in question not only did that, he logged it as well. TB's aren't really owned, are they? I'm not certain how he justified the trade, except that what he traded for was nice; a sport watch.

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Some people just don't get the whole *travel-bug* thing. I would simply look at it in that light. I do not *trade* for TBs but that's just me.


On another note, I've got 8 brand new travel-bugs sitting here waiting to go...lol. Of my last 8, 6 are still in route to wherever, and two have been lost to plundered caches.



"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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Actually, I disagree that Travel bugs are not trade items. When we find a travel bug and want to take it, we always replace it in the cache with something we consider to be of equal or greater value. When we later leave that travel bug somewhere else, we don't hesitate to take some other item if there is something we take a liking to. Most all of the items we take end up going right into another cache anyway, so I don't guess it really matters that much. This is just how we handle it. B & E

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Anything in the cache that's not the log can be considered a "trade item." However certain trade items are not to be kept, but to be moved to other caches. Broken McToys, for example... icon_wink.gif


I don't think there should be a rule on this, per se. It's an issue of what each individual feels is applicable. What is a travel bug "worth"? A McToy? A button? A handful of little rubber animals? A diamond? A (gasp!) pocket knife?



You have the right to defend yourself, even when geocaching!

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Sounds like a poll could be in order.

I treat TBs as non-trades, too.


I will trade items and then pick up or drop off a TB but don't really count for/against it while trading as it's sole purpose is to move and not to be kept.


That being said, I picked up an Oregon GeoCoin the other day that I need to replace with something nice since the owner agreed to let me keep it. Thansk for the reminder!!

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