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  1. Hey Shandon, I don't know about anybody else, but I'd like to see those implemented. 1 and 2 would be really simple and would reduce server load by not needing to generate two pages. And I'd really like to see number 3 added; that would really save time! -Don
  2. I don't think it's a question of fairness or cheating. After all, not all geocachers can get all geocaches, and setters currently don't always rate their caches properly. Both of these are unfair. But, this isn't really a competition, so the current cache rating system and even the proposed additional stats are just guidelines and reference points. Finally, people cheat now. See the post which discusses cachers who log finds multiple times for the same cache and who log finds on their own caches. (I tested both successfully.) In the end, the main thing that matters is whether an idea enhances the site or the enjoyment of the sport. The primary objective, after all, is to get out and have fun. What do you think? -Don
  3. 1) On every cache description page, there is a link entitled "Make this page print-friendly (no logs)". If this link is clicked, this same link is now "Make this page print-friendly (5 logs)". That's a nice feature, except I have to click twice to get it. How about changing the link on the cache description page to this? "Make this page print-friendly (no logs or 5 logs)". And each is linked appropriately as is currently done. 2) On the cache description page is another link entitled "view map". This is really nice. If you click that link, a map is generated showing the nearby area and all the caches in it. If I select the "identify" radio button then click on the map, a list of caches represented on the map is printed. More importantly, two checkboxes are made available entitled "List Caches you found" and "List Archived/Disabled Caches". Could those checkboxes be made available sooner, so we can select or de-select them prior to Identifying the caches? 3) On the same screen as #2 above, when the nearby caches get listed, would it be possible to have waypoint checkboxes off to the right and be able to download the group of waypoints similar to a normal "Zip Code search" listing? What do you think about these? Fairly easy to implement, I would think. (Well, the third may take a little time.)
  4. I don't agree with multiple logging of the same cache or being able to log your own cache, but if the Geocaching.com website allows it, then perhaps it's okay. After all, it is not difficult for the site to control multiple logins, or to disallow logging your own cache, etc. Obviously, there is no code in place to control it which leads me to believe it's not a concern. Of course, if they do put code in place to control login counts, a lot of people's totals will suddenly plummet!
  5. I agree with a number of the posters here. I think advertising of all kinds (e.g. plumbers, mechanics, and others business cards, religious pamphlets, etc.) should be left out of caches. Still, as drat19 mentions, if someone wants to put it in and someone else wants to take it out, it's fine by me as long as they leave the cache.
  6. I broached this subject a couple weeks ago regarding trading Travel Bugs for cache swag (in particular, a sport watch). A suggestion was made to make this a poll question. I do not know what that implies or how to do it, but it sounds like a good idea. This is my argument AGAINST using a Travel Bug as a trade item for it allows the cacher to disguise what is being traded. For example, I visit a cache. I take a travel bug and leave a little rubber ball. I then go to another cache and trade the travel bug for a San Diego Zoo pass. Traded as described, no one will ever realize how cheaply I pulled that off. I got a $25 zoo pass for a ten cent token. A normal trade reveals how unbalanced that trade is and would reveal something about me as a person. Therefore, I don't think travel bugs should be used as swag. Their sole purpose is to travel. They aren't owned except, possibly, by the original purchaser of the Travel Bug. What do you think?
  7. I was looking at a recent cache log on the website and was a bit startled by what I saw. Is it all right to trade a TB for some nice cache swag? The geocacher in question not only did that, he logged it as well. TB's aren't really owned, are they? I'm not certain how he justified the trade, except that what he traded for was nice; a sport watch.
  8. How does one make a cache into a "subscriber only" cache?
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