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It's Pouring Rain....

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or your ankle is sprained, or your car won't start or any other reason you can't go caching.....how do you spend your free time other than geocaching? Note: Free time does NOT include parenting, job, or home maintenance.


As for me: reading, web surfing, (guilty pleasure: Reality TV). Occasionally writing something semi-intuitive.


Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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It's Pouring Rain or your ankle is sprained...

That's when I do the park'n'grabs!


When I'm not caching, I'm here. Or at work, but then I'm here also!


When I'm not doing any of that stuff, I play the bass guitar at church.


I'll bet you thought I was going to say that I play the saxophone, huh? I used to, but we lost our guitar player, so our bass player is now playing guitar and I'm playing bass. I'll go back to playing sax when we get another guitar player. Clear as mud? icon_smile.gif


Took sun from sky, left world in eternal darkness bandbass.gif

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When I'm not geocaching I do trail work, hike, backpack, coach and play soccer, play volleyball and softball, bowl, ski, go fishing, read (a lot) and cook. I'm also a staff member on an archaeological dig, so I spend a good part of my Sundays playing in the dirt.


TV is rarely on the menu, unless the Yankees, or Giants are on (and I remember that they are), or we have a good movie to watch.


Ooops, I forgot one thing. I post to the GC.COM forums...a lot! icon_rolleyes.gif


"You can't make a man by standing a sheep on his hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position, you can make a crowd of men" - Max Beerbohm

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I connect lots of wires, and other little parts, put 'em inside boxes and flip the switch to see whether or not smoke rises from the mass. No smoke - let's see if it'll make some kind of noise. I've collected a trash can full of burnt wires and fried components and a few little boxes that make noise.

It's a beautiful thing ...

So, what happens if there is smoke?

I grab a piece of wood and a sharp knife and carve something. If I've run out of my supply of FTF souvenirs I sometimes find one of those little owls hiding inside the wood.



"Today's truth remains valid only as long as it withstands the test of tomorrow's discoveries" - George Hicks


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Net surfing, play online games (asheron's call most recently), watch the news, listen to the radio, cook, post on forums, read books.


When I am really bored I talk to my wife. icon_eek.gif



I have never been lost. Been awful confused for a few days, but never lost!

N61.12.041 W149.43.734

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Mountain Biking, skiing, films, photography, art, family (I alway have the best times with my family.) Basically take as much time as needed to stop and smell the roses. This is a fairly new concept for me. I Try to work as little as possible. Actually this summer I forgot where my office was. It was good. But my #1 mostest favoritest hobby is hangin with my wife. As long as she wants to go geocacing. icon_wink.gif J/K.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Because now I am Lost.

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