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Long, long ago, there were two Indian tribes that were constantly at war. The two tribes hated each other and many battles were fought and many lives were lost. There was great hatred in both the tribes.


One day, Running Bear of one tribe, met Falling Rock of the other in the woods. They were smitten with each other and fell in love. Their love was forbidden, however, because Running Bear was the daughter of the chief of one tribe, and Falling Rock was the son of the chief of the other.


They had to meet in secret and enjoyed many clandestine rendezvous. After a while, they could not any longer live apart and decided to run away together. They chose a day and a place and planned to meet for their life’s journey.


Finally, the day came and Running Bear went to the agreed upon place and waited and waited. She waited through night, she waited though day, and she waited through cold and heat. But, Falling Rock never showed up.


Distressed, Running Bear went to her father and confessed her love for Falling Rock. Her father at first was appalled that she could love someone of the other tribe, but understood that her love for Falling Rock was greater than the hatred he had for Falling Rock’s tribe.


So, Running Bear’s father went to the chief of the other tribe, Falling Rock’s father, and made a pact of peace and friendship such that both tribes went in search of Falling Rock.


They searched for days, weeks, months, but never found any trace of Falling Rock. The two tribes made amends and enjoyed peace ever after.


And you know what? To this day you can still see signs on the side of the road that ask people to, “Watch for Falling Rock.”



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This thread could turn out to be the Burma Shave Special.

One sign that reminds me of teenagers is "Road Work Ahead" Did you ever see a teen or a road work, hell they will both lay there all day and nite.

And there is the anti beer drinkers sign. The one with the bigP with a slash thru it, which means you cant P next to the road.


Tahosa - Dweller of the Mountain Tops.

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Originally posted by CYBret:

I always get sad when I see one of those "Slow Children Playing" signs.


I mean, who in their right mind would let slow children play near the road?!?!?




At least they have jobs when they get older. You've seen those signs: SLOW MEN AT WORK


Don't blame me, I voted for Jeremy.

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