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Originally posted by Conchcracker:

I have a Excel Spread Sheet that I have developed for keeping track of caches. If any one would care to use it I'll be happy to post it or email it to you.


Me too! Me too!!





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I do not use a spreadsheet, although CacheMaps looks nice. I built a database for my geocaching experience.


In a thread long ago someone caught my attention by pointing out that unless we keep a log of all of posted logs, in an update of this site (or worse, should the site suddenly disappear) one's geocaching history could easily be lost.


I decided then to build a database. I track all the caches and cachers I come into contact with. I track hitchhikers and the logs of my finds and hides.


It works for me. I link photographs as well. Someday, I will mount it to a web server so it can be queried via the web.





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I found that the pocket queries replaces all of my own logging.


I have 3 recurring pocket queries. 1. My Need to Find, 2. My hidden, and 3. My finds. I can then transform the xml on a web page instantly and daily or weekly the data file is automatically up to date.


Excel or other mechanisms were just dual entry and always a bit out of date. Just my 2 cents.

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