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night cache?

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We have several here in the northwest. They are a blast. We've only done one so far it's After Dark. The cache hider used reflective tape to mark the trail.


The other ones are discussed in this thread. There is a cluster of them in one area. Those are on my 'to do' list next time the kid's are at gramma's.


smile02.gif If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people??



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I went to both these sites. I would like to know exactly how they work as I am interested in putting one out.


The coordinates listed - that must be the start. Then is it just to follow light reflective markers to the cache itself?

Sounds simple enough (in theory) Or is there more to it?

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The "glint tape" I'm using I got in the military. It's big-time reflective and silver colored in the day. It loks exactly the same to me as the silver reflective material in jogging suits that's made by 3M. I think they call it scotchbright or scotchlite or something like that. Do a google search for "3M" and "Reflective" and something should pop up.


EDIT: Try this page.




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I created a night cache called Night Stalker #1. The reflectors I used were not very good. I talked to a couple of users and they were using reflective tape. I thought I'll need to buy some until I went to a geocaching meeting.


After going to a geocaching get together I was informed about trail tacks. I had never heard of them, but when I did a search on the Internet it was like hitting gold. You can get them at Wal-Mart for around $2.50 QTY 25 or 50? icon_eek.gif They reflect very well in the dark, and are visible up to 200 Feet. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif They have a nail for sticking them to tress and they can be placed anywhere. Plus they come in different colors and they come in a couple different shapes. Very Cool.. When I get to Wal-Mart or an Archery store, I'm going to get some. icon_cool.gificon_cool.gif


Here's a couple links I found.



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I'm thinking of doing a "night cache" since a lot of us go out after dark anyways. The trick would be to make it unfindable during the day. Perhaps some extra tricky 3-D camo with a couple of tiny reflectors.


Perhaps instructions could be: go to coords and shine flash light at bearing of xxx'.

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Red and I have one night time cache out :




And so far so good. It is just a beta set up before we put out a large one somewhere. This one is several stages and around 0.70 miles front to cache. As for hiding the stages, I saved up a lot of cat food tin cans, painted them a camo color and put the reflecter part inside, We just used reflective 2" letters. They are real hard to see in the daylight, having them inside a can just about prevents them from accidental finding at night and the first can is about 100 yards give or take from the road to prevent accidental refection from the road.


TTFRN, logscaler

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We have found several caches at night allthough they werent really "sold" as night caches. There were a couple, Angels and Ice Angels, that were really cool that we found after dark. Both were Christmas Ornament caches and when our flashlight hit the areas, the hanging ornaments really sparkled and shimmered. These types of caches are alot of fun to us and finding them at night made them even better!

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Mine uses reflectors to guide you to the LED beacon. I would expect to have pictures of my set-up posted later this week.


I should note that I was asked to not use screws in live trees as a requiremnt of approval. While an arguement could be made as to how much damage a screw can cause compared to, say a beaver, I can understand how some folks might feel strongly that screws are not a good thing.


I am happy to comply with this request to ensure that our activity is viewed favorably by as many as possible.



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I thought the whole idea of caching was to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Hanging ornaments or nailing reflectors in trees seems a little extreme and harmful to the environment. Imagine if everyone starting doing this. The geocaching community might start getting a bad rap.


Okay, I'm done lecturing. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.



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