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Magellan 315 Antenna Problem ?

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I 've got a MG315 Unit for the last 4 years and Iam quite pleased by it.

The problem is that for the last 3 months when I turn it on, the satelite aquisition phase goes on and on and on , indefinetely.

Untill the moment that I turn it off. icon_rolleyes.gif


I suspect an antenna problem but the then I am not so sure about it.

And since I live in Greece the service here is a bit "awkward"


Any ideas?

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Greetings Odisefs. One thing you may want to try is re-initializing the unit. If the 315 has been moved more than, I believe, 500 miles then when you power-up at the new location it trys to find the satellites that it saw when last powered-down. I forget the procedure but I'm sure its in the main menu. The same may happen if it sits idle for a long period of time.


Good Luck, Olar


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Sounds like what happened to my 315. It suddenly stopped receiving satelite signals. Once in a blue moon, it would get a intermitent fix on one or two, then lose it, but most of the time...nothing. Talked with Magellan, re-initialized, uploaded the latest firmware...no change. And unfortunately, the case is glued/welded together so there's no easy way of getting inside.


Since the 315 is fairly inexpensive, I figured it would cost at least as much to send it in for service as I could purchase a new one for, so I cut the case open to see if I could see a loose wire or something, figuring I had nothing to lose and could glue/epoxy it back together if I did happen to fix it. One of the four solder points on the quad-helix antennae was broken. I re-soldered it, but still could not get any satelite reception. Oh well, worth a try.


I finally broke down and purchased a new SporTrak Pro. Extremely happy with it, but I still (sniff) occasionally miss the ole 315! icon_frown.gif


We don't stop playing because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing!

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thanks 4x4van.

I will certainly try the firmware approach , and I've already tried the re - initialization approach to no result.

As far as the cuting and opening approach is concerned.... I will leave it to the service department of the distributor...


If nothing good comes out of it then I think it is going to be a very painfull departure of both my old unit and a sizeable amount of money for a meridian platinum .


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Yes, the MAG315 is a good hardy unit that generally becomes like a favorite old car. You know that it makes more sense to get a newer model with more features, but it's hard to let go of an old friend! I discovered/started geocaching when I had my 315, so it was especially hard to finally give up on it.


Before sending it in to the service dept, you might want to give Magellan a call first and ask them to give you an idea as to what it might cost to fix. It may be more than you could replace it for.


We don't stop playing because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing!

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I'm sitting here in Wisconsin Dells with the same type problem on my 315. It started today and will not initialize, just bounces back to the Press Enter to Start screen. It's looking like a new GPSr is in order. The family just arrived in WI from WA for a weeks vacation and some geocaching. Not a good start, eh?



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