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New Geocaching software for Palm! (does wpts, maps, and cache pages)

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Thank you for your continuing interest in VelociCache. The project was halted for two weeks because of vacation. The new website is almost complete, but no changes have been made to the pre-existing pages, so you will not find anything useful until I am able to upload the new content. I hope to have the new site ready by noon tomorrow.


-Greg Courville

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Gee Enginuity - Turning great ideas into abandoned projects since 1999

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Another request for iQue 3600 Support. I'd pay the 20.00 in a heart beat. Keep up the good work.


"When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pu**y." - General(ret) Tommy Franks

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Right now I'm working on the code to interpret GPX files and store them to the database. Progress is at a crawl because high school and a major cold are beating me down. Still trying to push myself to get the website up.

That's about all the updating I can handle for now... thank you all for your continuing interest in the project.


-Greg Courville

Gee-Enginuity Software Products


Gee Enginuity - Turning great ideas into abandoned projects since 1999

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VelociCache update: In the process of writing the code which will check the validity of the input GPX file before parsing, I made a little mini-app to test the functions I had written. It is a command-line application that tests whether a file is a valid PQ by looking for a certain XML tag identifying it as a "Groundspeak Pocket Query".

Use is simple. Just drag a file on top of the gpxtest.exe file to test it, or from the command-line, type:

gpxtest filename

...where filename is the path of the file you wish to test. Now you can finally tell the difference between your PQ's and EasyGPS GPX's!

Download the GPX Tester here

This file is available, for testing purposes, to users of this forum only. Due to the nature of the program, the file contains no author or copyright information. Please do not distribute this file without permission. If you think many people might like the file, notify me and I can re-compile it for free distribution.



Gee Enginuity - Turning great ideas into abandoned projects since 1999

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Originally posted by tjej:

Just a bump on this thread...wondering if Sandaals is in fact, living up to his tag line...turning great ideas into abandoned project since 1999. Is this one gone?


It's still going!

I have so much going on right now... it's impossible to get anything done. I'll be honest - there's been very little work done since the last update. I just went through the process of switching to linux, and am trying to get the Borland C++ compiler to work under a windows emulator so I can keep working. I might just have to... *shudder* boot into windows!!


I have made a decision on the issue of sales and distribution: because I want to come across as more of a starving-artist type than a business out to make a profit, VelociCache will be distributed on a suggested-donation basis. I will request that anybody who uses VelociCache make some kind of donation, but there is no minimum (or maximum) requirement. I have got my website set up with Paypal to accept credit cards, etc. and when you donate any amount you will automatically receive a link to download the program. For information on where your donation money goes, click HERE.


I have a 3-day weekend ahead of me, and I will try to devote all the time I can to making VelociCache happen. I will also finally get the Gee-Enginuity website up, including the VelociCache page.


Thank you for your continuing interest!

-Greg Courville KG6SGY


Gee Enginuity - Turning great ideas into abandoned projects since 1999

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Hello Greg,


Let me add mine to the many voices who would pay for your program. I formerly used GeoNiche on my m515, but it doesn't work with the iQue. I am looking forward to seeing your project come to fruition. Starving artist or robber baron, it makes no difference to me. If I just had a program that allowed me to enter a waypoint and then gave me a pointer, bearing, and distance to the waypoint from my position I would be euphoric. All the rest of the features you are planning are gravy.


Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Captain Spalding

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The iQue doesn't have a compass screen, I believe. At least we couldn't find any reference to one looking through the manual...

I'm pretty sure Cetus added iQue support. Under the GPS tab in general preferences, the serial port tab includes the option to choose iQue. I have no idea if it works, but you might want to give it a whirl!! It's very easy to import GPX's with GPSBabel to Cetus. Just doesn't have the ALL the info like Cachemate (who plans on some sort of compass ability on the next release).

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Just letting the group know what state things are in...

I got a "Virtual Machine" application so now Windows runs under Linux! Yay!

Of course, shortly after I got everything working nicely, I started having major problems and now Linux won't boot, so I'm stuck in Windows! Any Linux guys out there who can help me out? I've posted on both Experts-Exchange and USENET to no avail. If you want to see my specific problem, see the google archive of the USENET post (click).

This problem has brought everything to a grinding halt over here, and my first priority is to get Linux running again. Then, after like a month of zero progress, I hope to spend a weekend and at least get GPX import working. I did a pretty stupid thing though... on an impulse I sold all of my Palms and got a PocketPC! This means most of my testing will be within emulators, so I will probably select a few beta testers as soon as I have something to test. When the website is back up, it will have a form where you can enter info on what kind of devices you have, and I will select beta testers from there. Sounds like the iQue doesn't come with very good built-in software if people are looking to VelociCache for even basic navigation functions!


I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

By the way, I'll PayPal a dollar to anyone who can help me get my system running again!! icon_smile.gif


Gee Enginuity - Turning great ideas into abandoned projects since 1999

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Originally posted by oneeyesquare:

Just doesn't have the ALL the info like Cachemate (who plans on some sort of compass ability on the next release).

Not quite the next release, but not too far after :-) General support for such an addition is going in with the next one, though.
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Well, the forums are back, and so am I!

Speaking of which, I really like the new system. Not only much faster, but prettier too.


Allrighty, I have an update for you. I've been receiving e-mail asking what the heck is going on with the project, so I'd like to fill y'all in on what's happening.


First, an outline of the project:

(1) PC-side Database Utility GUI

(2) PC-side GPX/LOC import

(3) PC-side Database handling

(4) PC-side palm database export

(5) PC-side PocketPC file export

(6) Palm-side GUI

(7) Palm-side database handling / data viewing

(8) Palm-side log entry

(9) Palm-side NMEA support

(10) Palm-side basic navigation

(11) Palm-side iQue support

(12) PC-side map utility GUI

(13) PC-side Terraserver image tile download

(14) PC-side image processing/calibration/export

(15) Palm-side basic image tile handling - display + scroll

(16) Palm-side mapping (move map with GPS data)

(17) Repeat Palm steps for PocketPC version


You probably noticed that I mentioned a PocketPC version. The story is, I sold all of my Palm gear in favor of a new iPaq. In retrospect, that might not have been the smartest idea, but browsing the internet from the front yards of unsuspecting WiFi'ers is FUN (and useful, when I forget to print the cache pages)! Now, the PPC version is currently way off in the future, and may never be written, because there is already a fine software out there called CacheDragon. I really do not want to compete with anybody; the reason I am planning a PocketPC version is that I simply would like to be able to use my own software, which I can change or tweak in whichever way I want without waiting for bugfixes. I may not release the PPC version to the public.


Anyhow, I must admit that there really has been very little progress with the project, what with a change in operating systems, eBay selling, schoolwork, etc. However, coming up is a four-day weekend, during which I plan to at least make significant progress on the PC-side software. Note that the Palm GUI is mostly done and the basic framework for viewing cache data is in place. The GUI for the PC-side app is also complete, as well as file loading and recognition. The next task is to get the program to parse the GPX data into special memory data structures and save it to disk in a format that is instantly readable by the program. Then I have to figure out how to make a nice, WORKING scrolling listbox with those fancy data cells, like you saw in the screenshots. From there, I gotta make all the buttons work, add view/edit dialogs, then write the Palm PDB export routines.


Thank you all for your interest. I'll keep you "post"ed! :)




Greg Courville (KG6SGY)


"Make it idiot-proof, and somebody'll make a better idiot"

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