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GPSmap76S upgrade to 3.10

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I up graded from 2.01 to 3.10 a week ago. Yesterday the unit quit reading any Mapsoure data such as Maps, routes and the Backtracking function as well. Base maps and all other functions continued to work fine.


Tech support at Garmin had not heard of this problem until today. Within 5 minutes they e-mailed me a program to re-install 2.01. Unit now works great.


I downloaded 3.10 per their instruction, to desktop, installed in simulator mode and left outside for over 30 minutes.

has anyone else had this problem?

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Thanks Serg. When I called this morning I asked (and checked the web site before calling) if any up-dates or patches would be forth coming. They said not to their knowledge.


However I would have to give their Tech Support high marks in helping me solve my problem.I had the patch e-mailed to me less than 5 minutes after I hung the phone with them.


I think I will stay as is for a couple of weeks then try it again..

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After updating to v3.20 the day it was released, my 76S has totally locked up on me 3 times. I have since re-loaded the software/firmware 3 times and MAYBE the 3rd time is a charm as it has not locked up in about 10 days. Having spent close to 3 hours (over the past year or so) on the phone with Garmin for various subjects and NEVER, EVER getting through to a person, I did not bother calling. Good luck

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I updated my Map76 a week or two ago. No problems. Just had to save my waypoints first with easygps because the update will delete those, then had to reaquire the sats, reenable WAAS, put the waypoints back in, and reset many of my setting. Not a single glitch.




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