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  1. I have heard of that museum..I think there may already be a geocache there.
  2. Windmill Farms can be grouped as a single installation perhaps. Decorative windmills should be OK too
  3. All windmills. The Electric Generator types in Germany and Holland are super huge and super impressive. If the category is too broad the further subcategories could be made I suppose. Windmill farms (like in California) could be a subcategory, Vertical Axis Type, AerMotor Type etc. Some in West Texas are lonly and deserted sentinals that deserve to be recognized. But I digress
  4. The "interesting" qualifier seems to come up to question. How about ANY briidge and just assume it is interesting to the guy who found it anyway. I mean, what if I was looking for a bridge, ANY BRIDGE, to use as a bridge. I wouldn't care how interesting it was as long as it got me there
  5. I would like to propose at category for Waymarking.. A Category for Windmills should be created. There is such a range of types of windmills in the world that they deserve a dedicated inclusive category. Some windmills are open for tours (In Holland). Others suddenly appear as you are diving in the desert. Photographs and information about the age, type, operating principal, etc would be interesting reading. Windmill Farms could be located as a group. There is a Locationless cache for Four Bladed Windmills. I think this is a great category and should be expanded Comments?? MontytheMule
  6. Chick-N-Rock has placed another COMMANDO BIRD! Not yet approved. A bit of work went into this one, just like the last one. Same Same only Different (By the way, QUALITY means never having to say you're sorry) MtM
  7. Geez...most of the worlds GPSr are manufactured here in Taiwan, yet this country only has 18 caches, and half of those are soaked and moldy. Too bad a visitor can't spice up the scene. lostbutidontcare Monty
  8. Hi All. I am happy to announce that the San Andreas Fault (Stevens Creek Canyon) Cache has been reactivated!. The original cache container and it's contents were recovered and replaced, but hidden just out of view behind something to avoid detection. I put in a new logbook but excerpts of the original are viewable on the gallery page of the cache, curious alien scribble for sure. We added The VAULT to facilitate coin (Foreign or domestic or tokens) exchange. Make a deposit or make a withdrawal. The VAULT stays in the cache. I usually have a lot of foreign coins left over so.. A link to the cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...41-f5b290bb2b63 Enjoy MontytheMule
  9. For travellers passing throught JFK Airport, is there a travel bug Hotel to take and leave our little friends close to the terminals? Thanks, Montythemule
  10. Today I received the 3 CD set from the Shoreline show. They (The Dead Organization)were selling copies recorded from the mixing board at the show to be mailed to you later. For $24.00 this is sure easier and cheaper than trying to haul your gear there to record. I never have it together enough by the end of the show to figure out how the catch the bus home let alone play recording tech. It didn't come with a list of the songs so I copied Marky's setlist from above and tucked that in the jewel case. Marky must have had reserved seats because it was too dark to write out on the hillside! It's still a great show as I listen to it now. I wonder if its OK to copy and share this? Hmm, hey how about a travelling cache that follows the Dead around somehow? ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  11. I thought Dark Star was a nice touch for the Mountain View show. Hearing Joan Osborne was strangly familar from a time long past. MtM ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  12. quote:"With most small planes in America equipped with Garmin technology, aviation products account for about 20% of Garmin's sales, while consumer-product sales -- which are steadily growing -- account for the majority" How many of these consumer oriented sales do you think are directly or indirectly due to Geocaching? I bought my first Garmin for Aviation, the second for Geocaching. I hope the third one will be a dashboard mounted unit with a new car wrapped around it....but I digress ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  13. Wheeeeeee..... Thanks Everybody! ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  14. Note to Kreebelle: How the voting go this week? Since one of my caches was in the running, just wondering...... Monty ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  15. Simple (maybe) question; Is it possible to upload Garmin MapSource data to a Magellin? ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  16. I wanted to go, but ended up in Baltimore instead.....next year GO RARE BEAR!!!! ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  17. I'm in, maybe it could be called the "Silicon Gulch Geocachers Social Club"? ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank [This message was edited by montythemule on August 27, 2003 at 01:11 PM.]
  18. In the Boy Scouts we climbed Whitney, also from the long way in (Edison Lake). Last summer we drove up to Whitney Portal just to have a look a the campgound. The road to Whitney Portal had me hanging on and looking to the west all the way up, YIKES! MtM ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  19. Maybe things will pick up here, the SF Bay Area thread seems to have died. Cheers ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  20. Must be by invitation only.... Off to the east bay thread ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  21. I hear Crickets ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  22. Stupid Mule didn't even know there was a channel. Hmmm... ***************************************** This Space Intentionally Left Blank
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