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  1. Thanks for the education on how the unlock codes work. Interesting marketing plan. I would probably never buy 2 unlock codes. The only reason I have 2 GPS (both the same model) is when we were boating one was on the dash and the other was in the ditch bag. It's nice to have 2 units when geocaching so the wife can use her own and then when she asks how do I do this you can say oh click here, here, and here. We are just starting to get back into caching after a few year break and my how some things have changed.
  2. Foolish question then. What happens if you own two GPS units? You need to buy two copies of the software? What happens if you own a GPS unit and it gets lost or you upgrade to a newer unit? You then need to rebuy the software? I know where I work we are going to keyed software where there is an activation key to install the software. Once the software is activated you can't install it on another PC without having the key reset however this is done to stop people from buying one copy of the software and then installing it on many pc's like we have seen in the past. Doesn't make sense from what I am reading with the GPS units.
  3. It would help to know exactly which Garmin Topo Software you are referring to but if you are referring to U.S. Topo, v3.02 with the 3 Cds then there aren't any unlock codes for the maps. You can load it to any/all of your Garmin units capable of loading maps to. Yes it's the 3 disk V3.02 but through the upgrades on the web it's currently 6.16.1. Where/when do the unlock codes come into play? How do they work with multiple GPS units. Recently started alot of biking and was thinking of picking up software more geared towards streets.
  4. Hi - Can someone please explain how the unlock codes work with Mapsource Topo Software. Currently I have a version of the software that was bought probably 7 yrs ago. Through updates I have been able to keep it up to date and I currently use it on two Map 76CS units. I'm looking at upgrading to the Map 78 units and question if I can still use two units in the one software I have. My guess is the unlock codes would come into play if I bought new software but want to be sure. With the unlock codes how does it work if you own two GPS units?
  5. Drooooool I have the older 76CS not the CSX and keep thinking of upgrading to the CSX but looks like I will wait another year for the bugs to be worked out and then pick up the 78s.
  6. So track up is what I want then. I want the map to turn so the direction I am heading is always up on the GPS. If I am driving west I want east to be at the bottom of the screen and west to be at the top. Thanks for the description.
  7. This doesn't make sense but I believe to have figured it out. Unit A had the electronic compass calibrated and Unit B didn't. I calibrated the compass in Unit B and it now works.
  8. This makes no sense and I don't know what I'm missing. I have two Map76 CS units. Lets call them unit A that works and unit B that doesn't. I live in WI so if you are facing north Lake Michigan in on the right (east) side of the screen. On unit A if I physically face west on the screen the map rotates and Lake Michigan is now at the bottom of the screen which would be east and the top of the GPS screen would be facing west. If I face south Lake Michigan is now on the left side of the screen and the top of the screen is south. Basically the map is facing the same way I am facing and moves to the direction that I am. On unit B this doesn't happen. When I turn the map is always facing north. Lake Michigan is always on the east. I have gone over the settings of each unit side by side and they are identical. I have called Garmin Tech Support which was useless. They told me that since I wasn't connected to the sats that the map wouldn't move. They couldn't answer why one did and the other didn't. I downloaded firmware version 4.2 ( both had it already) hoping that would correct the problem and it didn't. I then downloaded the maps from Mapsource topo again and that too didn't work. I don't know what setting I am missing... I thought it would be one of the two but they are the same. Orientation is set to Track Up Display is cardinal letters North reference is True. Thoughts? Have a big geocaching weekend planned and would like both units to work the same where the map rotates.
  9. I have two Map 76CS that I am looking to sell. Nothing wrong with them 1 was used regularly when I boated and the other lived in the ditch bag so it was hardly used. Looking to upgrade to the Oregon but not sure what the current selling price is on this unit. It's been a few years since I have needed to sell one. Did a search and nothing really came back.
  10. I'm sure that I am missing something ease but what data field will show the compass heading in a number format? I tried bearing, heading and the best that I could get is one of those gave the direction such as N, S E, W etc. The compass will show the number but I thought that there is a data field that does as well. This is alway when I'm not locked into the waypoint.
  11. I remember somewhere I found a website that would list when Sats etc. would be overhead. In the pics above how would they know it was flying overhead? Anyone know that website?
  12. Use to do quite a bit of caching with my first golden retriever until he lost his life to cancer this past spring. Now we are working with the new golden retriever. He's done a few caches so far but we are doing the easy ones with him to get him use to the idea.
  13. "OK...I got my Jeep in today. How do I register it? I don't see an activation code anywhere." Just go to the track travel bugs page and enter the code that is on the tag. The jeep is already activated.
  14. Opened the mailbox today and inside was a nice green jeep...now where to place it.
  15. I know the feeling. I feel like the kid from the Christmas story who rushes home everynight to check the mailbox. I don't have a jeep either. There is still hope that I will come home tonight and I will find one in my mailbox! I haven't even seen any in the caches around here. I hope if I don't get mine that at least I can find one in a cache. I have a feeling though in the beginning it will be a mad rush to get them.
  16. No I wasn't. What's the big deal? Maybe someone will want one of the WI coins that has a spare Mtn10bike coin. Your thinking probably not but I would have never of guessed a Washington coin would sell on e-bay for $40.
  17. I don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a trade thread but I will have few extra coins if anyone wants to trade for a mtn10bike coin.
  18. In my defense, I sent my activated coins on accident. Team Golden posted here before I had a chance to reply to his email and get the issue straightened out . FYI Since it appears you can't edit a post twice please be aware that my comment at the end about watching coin trades wasn't a reflection on 9Key and shouldn't cause concern on trading with him. The coins were sent in error.
  19. I have a Geowoodstock 3 coin and a midwest geobash. Looking to trade for a moun10bike coin. Will even trade both for one. Please note that this deal can't be done. The coins were traded from 9Key and as it turns out not only are they registered but one coin has 11,000 plus miles and the other is 23,000+ miles. To top it off both coins are shown in caches at the present time. I've e-mail 9Key for an explanation but I would watch coin trades.
  20. Here is my inventory. I will trade for any coins not listed here. Coins also available for sale. Have Miss Jenn Kentucky Alabama Missouri Washington Pennsylvania California Canada Vacman Michigan The Green Man Joy Of Geocaching Western TN Oregon Texas 2004 Groundspeak The Fab Five Texas Geocaching Calgary cachers Utah Georgia Conejo Cachers 2005 Groundspeak Idaho Alaska North Carolina Geowoodstock III To Trade California Canada Washington Michigan Western TN Alaska North Carolina
  21. Hi before my PC crashed there was a link to a website that would send you out a monthly geocoin. It was like a club you had to join. Does anyone have the link? I can't remember where I read it at?
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