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  1. Here is post in a local Travel Bug Hotel There are some basic “Do’s and Don’ts” for this Travel Bug Hotel and Travel Bug handling in general. Travel Bug Hotel Rules (TB-101): * Do NOT take a Travel Bug if you don’t have one to exchange. Drop offs without an exchange are permitted. A TB Hotel with no guests really stinks. Who made this rule? Not GC.COM If a bug need to go North or South and you are headed to the Bugs requested location why not grab it and help it on it's way. You are doing the bug owner a favor but the cache owner is telling me that it is not permitted. Since the cache owner has made this rule I will honor his request, but I still don't agree with it.
  2. If I find a cache that is just a numbers cache and is really bad I won't log it. Some park & grabs are good and some are pretty tough. Others just have no purpose other than to add to numbers. It really has to be pretty bad for me not to log. I can only think of two times in 3 years that this has happened. I do log all DNF so others will not waste their time and $$$$ gas. If I am wrong and just didn't find IT I will go back and delete the DNF
  3. This should be called Paperless for Dummies... Because I got it right the first time. Well written and easy to follow.
  4. Be very careful if you have any type of bug spray on your fingers. It will eat the white letters off the buttons. I had to return my 60C for a USB PORT repair and Gramin replace the buttons no charge. Sent in on a Monday and had it back the following Friday. Thier service was great.
  5. Yes, but its has been extremely tight from the start. You really have to pull hard on the cable to remove from the unit. I have been very careful when removing but it is still pulling the insert out of the USB PORT. I am to the point that it seems the cable port connection is my problem. When the unit was replaced I was advised to return the unit only. It worked fine for 5 months then the problem started again. My PC will no longer connect with the unit when in the USB port. I can use a serial port and it will download maps and waypoints etc, however City Select will not auto route when I use the serial port. And of course it takes for ever to download.
  6. Has anyone had problems with the USB port failing. We are having problems when removing the cable it is pulling the metal insert out of the unit. I returned one unit and now having the same problem again. Garmin Tech support saying I am the only one having this problem.
  7. Other than this problem the the 60c is great. I would highly recommend it.
  8. Unit worked find for the first day. Then PCwould not recongize unit and will not connect via USB port. I have to download from serial port. USB pins in unit port of the body seems real lose while plug in on USB cord to unit is very tight and hard to remove. Feel this may have damaged USB port on unit. Anyone else have this Problem?
  9. When you download a new map or map set it will erase the old maps ....and then repalce with the maps you tell it to.
  10. Thanks Serg. When I called this morning I asked (and checked the web site before calling) if any up-dates or patches would be forth coming. They said not to their knowledge. However I would have to give their Tech Support high marks in helping me solve my problem.I had the patch e-mailed to me less than 5 minutes after I hung the phone with them. I think I will stay as is for a couple of weeks then try it again..
  11. Check out Walmart they have one for$9.99 works great for the short hikes...
  12. I up graded from 2.01 to 3.10 a week ago. Yesterday the unit quit reading any Mapsoure data such as Maps, routes and the Backtracking function as well. Base maps and all other functions continued to work fine. Tech support at Garmin had not heard of this problem until today. Within 5 minutes they e-mailed me a program to re-install 2.01. Unit now works great. I downloaded 3.10 per their instruction, to desktop, installed in simulator mode and left outside for over 30 minutes. has anyone else had this problem?
  13. Don't waste your money on Delorme 4.0 Bought it and now wish I hadn't. Easy GPs better and cost less.
  14. Check out DPS DAVE (GEOCACHER) At WWW.actionwatersports.net/ or email him at dsims1@gte.net His place is in Auburndale, Fl
  15. Check out DPS DAVE (GEOCACHER) At WWW.actionwatersports.net/ or email him at dsims1@gte.net His place is in Auburndale, Fl
  16. I vote no. But I do like the idea if it was called something other than a travel bug! [This message was edited by Scrapman & GaPatci21 on August 15, 2002 at 01:32 PM.]
  17. This what Silva had to say on their web site. Bubbles At altitude (above 500 to 1000 meters) bubbles may form in the fluid. The cause is a drop in atmospheric pressure and/or low temperature. This can occur in any compass. The bubble will disappear, when normal conditions return. Obviously, air can get into the fluid through crack damage in the capsule. A hairline crack damage in the surface of the capsule may not cause a leak to occur for weeks or even months. Such damage is not covered by warranty. It is not economically viable, to repair a cracked capsule, but it can be replaced by your SILVA dealer at much less then the the cost of a new compass.
  18. Is not a cache a cache and a find a find? Why would someone get bent out of shape because of this? Most of us have been to some great caches and some where we wondered why we wasted our time. How many noticed that the cache Geomanhattan referred to has had 60 posts? I think the hunt and the find is a lot more fun and important than what is in the ammo can or plastic box. That just's my opinion. I could be wrong.
  19. Here in Florida we have some nasty bitting bugs.One cache we visted( Starkey II by Infosonge) had a can of bug spray in it.That was a life saver since we had walked a couple of miles from our car without carrying bug spray. All my future caches will have a small can of bug spray in them with a note to leave for future cachers.. Yes I really like your idea. Scrapman
  20. Mapsource works great with the 76S. The extra memory 24MB allows you to download a lot of maps and routes. We just drove from Tampa, Fl. to Franklin, N.C. and the route worked perfect. Scrapman
  21. Mapsource works great with the 76S. The extra memory 24MB allows you to download a lot of maps and routes. We just drove from Tampa, Fl. to Franklin, N.C. and the route worked perfect. Scrapman
  22. Bought one from Best Buy several months ago and used it one time on a long trip. When I went to remove it from the lighter-the plug end came apart and blew a fuse. So for about 4 hours we had no radio, cd player or dash light. Replaced the fuse and returned the item to Best Buy. Would have been a lot less of a hassle and loss of time if I just went ahead and spent $35.00 for the right set up. However it was a different brand from the one you purchased.
  23. Look on page #5 quick start guide. It does show a circle on the outer ring. Here is what I found. With the unit in North up it will show the circle you are talking about.If your unit is facing north the circle will be North .As you turn east, west etc. the small circle show the direction the top of the gps is pointing in. If you are facing west the 0 will be at the w side of the Satellite screen and so forth . Try it out.
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