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Amazon price increase

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All of a sudden, over the weekend, the price on the basic etrex at Amazon went from $99 to $109, and the geko 201 from $118 to $139. Plus the cost of the MapSend maps (topo and streets) for Magellan went up about $10 apiece. Any idea why? (I've been tracking prices trying to decide what to buy).


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I, likewise, was watching Amazon because they were selling the Rino 120 for $10 less than anyone else ($190). All of a sudden last week their price jumped to $249. Yikes! I e-mailed them for an explanation (and told them their new price wasn't anywhere near competitive), and received a reply yesterday. After filtering out all the fluff, they basically said, "Sometimes we raise our prices." Well, while I suppose that's true, it's also true that "Sometimes I'll take my business elsewhere."

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Originally posted by nincehelser:

Kind of suprising. The only products I know of that are on the increase are those made in Canada. Canadian rocket motors on on the rise "due to the weakening US dollar".


I guess I'll have to cut back on the back bacon, eh?




I can see your heavly into rocketry (I just have one on my avator because it explains my user name (phantom4099-rockets name is phantom4000, year I picked it 1999)). I just dabble in it any more, but I was wondering if you have a website that has the motors that you use in your rocket (I used the aerotech reloadable when I was in it more)).


Wyatt W.


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Well, here are the popular ones lately:


Aerotech: http://www.aerotech-rocketry.com/

Aerotech suffered a major fire nearly two years ago that wiped out their factory. Their motor production is still in the process of recovering.


Cesaroni: http://pro38.com/mainpage.html

Simple motors from Canada that have really become popular. Almost too simple, since people have forgotten to insert the reloads into the pressure vessel, resulting in spectacular rocket fires. icon_wink.gif


Ellis Mountain: http://www.geocities.com/ellismountain/

Robert Ellis has had his own line of motors for quite a while, and was contracted by Aerotech to manufacture some of their motors as they recovered from the fire.


Animal Motor Works: http://www.animalmotorworks.com/

The most recent player. I haven't flown this particular brand, but people seem to like them because of the special effects formulations.


I'm not sure what motor will fly in my avatar rocket. A lot depends on what is available when I actually need it. Homeland security and new federal regulations are making things kind of tough for the hobby.


The goal is to fly it on an "M" class motor for my level 3 certification.


And just to make this somewhat relevant to this board, it will be carrying a GPS tracking payload.



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