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  1. 60C - usually the best I see is 8ft with WAAS and the latest firmware. Which apparently has bug(s).
  2. I'd be worried that the homemade patch job would fail at the most inopportune time, namely while wet. Too, if the job isn't perfect it could let moisture seep in over a period of time before failure. I don't think it would do much for resale value either.
  3. I recently got a used Palm (Plam!) m125 off of eBay for $13. Works great with Cachemate.
  4. He bought it from Amazon.com. Should be no problem getting a refund from them if necessary. Maybe a call to Garmin would sort things out.
  5. If I always *had* my wallet, they could. My trouble is that I hate carrying it. I think the tags would be ideal for my situation.
  6. Who said anything about a SSN? Emergency responders would have no use for it, nor can I find it mentioned on the Road ID site.
  7. No one's mentioned WAAS. I've read "On to hide, off to find"....true?
  8. I'd be griping if I was still stuck with a serial connection.
  9. The 60C has the old-style Garmin connector as well as the USB...the same style that was on the back of my Garmin V.
  10. Besides power, the display might be an issue - LCD's don't like cold. Not sure how the TFT displays work in the cold.
  11. The CDrom that came with the unit. The USB cable has a tag that says I better install the software before connecting the cable, but I also know that some USB devices work fine without the mfr's software.
  12. Do I need to install Garmin's software for my new 60C before using GSAK?
  13. I'm sure the moderator will remove this post if not appropriate, but I didn't see anything in the Forum Guidelines disallowing it.. Garmin GPS V
  14. Did you mean to say that the 60C(S) is USB?
  15. It seems to be working now, tks! http://www.yadkinriver.net/
  16. I feel like I haven't described the problem adequately, yet....somehow..... I think I have. Does the problem exist or not? http://www.yadkinriver.net/
  17. Anyone have any ideas??????? The webcam log shows up on my user stats (the tab next to our profile), but not under 'Logged Caches' on the 'my cache page'. http://www.yadkinriver.net/
  18. It's always showed up there. It's not showing up on -my- list of logs/finds. http://www.yadkinriver.net/
  19. Re: Salty Dog Café WebCam (webcam cache), I logged it using the option "Webcam Photo Taken", but it is not showing up on "My Cache" page as a find. http://www.yadkinriver.net/
  20. http://www.dbartlett.com/ The Internet Scout Project finds the best sites on the Internet and sends them out to subscribers every Friday. http://scout.wisc.edu/ http://www.yadkinriver.net/bw/
  21. Good one, Bret. I wouldn't have thought to use Javascript for that. I agree 100% about a question needing to be posed to the visitor. My method does not bypass that at all since the question must still be answered correctly. In retrospect, I'm not sure a code is necessary at all. Once the question is answered correctly, I'll receive an email from the server that contains the visitor's gc.com user name. As long as I receive that I know that they answered correctly. Hmmm.
  22. SOOOOOOOO sorry about the duplicate postings from yesterday. Every time I submitted the message, I got a prompt saying that "the page is not available" and I never saw the posts appear. I thought the bbs was temporarily having problems so I kept trying, hence the duplicates. Can someone nuke them? http://www.yadkinriver.net/bw/
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