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There are only so many times you can knock somebody down before they just refuse to get up again.

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Yeah, what he said icon_wink.gif


I agree with everything Mugless says. We don't want rules and regulations. That's what a) the internet and :P the open country are all about. And this sport comprises the best of both.


Keep it simple! icon_smile.gif



Why'd ya have to go and make things so complicated?

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Originally posted by Sel:

We don't want rules and regulations. That's what a) the internet and :P the open country are all about.

Try telling that to the landowners!


As geocaching grows, it will be regulated. Either we regulate ourselves or we wait for regulations to be imposed upon us.


SimonG.org - now with added blog!

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I don't think anyone is being pushed into anything or that we are all being strictly supervised. All that’s happening is that geocaching is slowly becoming a more recognised and documented pastime. With the correct people negotiating and getting us recognised anything is possible and I think that’s all anyone is trying to say. Caching is great the way it is but wouldn't it be better if we were officially recognised by people like the forestry commission. Maybe just my opinion but the future looks bright for us, actually it looks rather dark for me and Pid but we are just stupid night cachers after all icon_wink.gif


Its just a hunt for a lunch box, why be so serious!?! badgerslayer.gif


Dan Wilson - www.Buckscaching.co.uk

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Originally posted by Sel:

We don't want rules and regulations. That's what a) the internet and :P the open country are all about.


The real problem with that is as Simon G says, regulation will be imposed.


Far better that any regulations imposed are done with the involvement of cachers rather than somebody sitting in his office dreaming up what might be, without consultation with us.


Prime examples of this are the attempted EEC rulings that cucumbers must be straight. Or if a packet of crisps says "cheese and onion" they must contain "cheese and onion". Can I have a packet of hedgehog flavoured crisps please".


We need to have a representation to land managers if we are to achieve sensible guidelines.


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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(Ok, so who changed the way the forums work then?)


Originally posted by Tim & June:

When we posted this topic, we had decided to take the next day (yesterday) off. So we booked a channel crossing for a day in france shopping and eating.


I'm glad to see that to took some of my advice.


Now come on, be honest.... you aren't going to try & tell me that you went to France and didn't have at least ONE tiny drink.... I mean, it's rude to eat a meal there without a glass of wine!!!


I hope you had a great day.... I'm sure you did! Did you manage to find any French teddies?


We had to get our priorities right, and were running out of wine icon_smile.gif


Too bloomin' right!!!!





Noone in their right mind would place a cache THERE....

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I think the biggest lesson to learn here is that people should just take time out more often. How about having one of those awaydays at least once a month T&J? And I don't mean go and do some caches. I mean DON'T do *anything* related to caching. You come back much refreshed.


I do it, for my own sanity (OK some of you will say it obviously doesn't work in my case!): Every couple of weeks or so I go away and forget everything else for a day or so. On return, I find I am better focussed, more relaxed, faster thinking, more handsome, with beautiful radiant skin, rippling torso and the most fantastic witty personality....


..oops. Sorry, wrong forum.


No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....

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