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  1. I never seem to come here these days, but I thought I'd stop by and wish everyone a happy Christmas, so: Happy Christmas!
  2. Just try to keep me away! (Um... actually, don't. Please.) What's your favourite thing?
  3. I just write on the box with a tip-ex pen. It's easy and it works, but it doesn't look as good as the stencil method. What's your favourite thing?
  4. My anniversary was a few days before the HCC event. I tried distorting space-time so the two events coincided, but that didn't work out, so instead I decided to spend the day doing a really great cache. Then I forgot all about it and did nothing What's your favourite thing?
  5. Bournemouth, Watford, Mongolia... just give me the lat and long and I'll be there! What's your favourite thing?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Omally: quote:Originally posted by Pharisee:How did Simon get in on the act? I thought there was just the four of us. Wasn't he tied up in the boot? I was sure we kidnapped him just in case we got stuck on any of those cryptic clues... Hmmm. maybe he's still there. Better go check. Good god - I've just been released from the boot of Omally's car, where I've been trapped for the last month. Fortunately his grandmother was in there too, and I was able to survive by eating her. She was a bit gristly though - Omally, can you please lock me up with someone more tender next time? quote:Originally posted by Pid:That certainly looks like him from behind... I had no idea you were so interested in my behind What's your favourite thing?
  7. Great news! Now he's got no excuse - isn't it about time he set his first cache? What's your favourite thing?
  8. quote:Is Omally a Nutter? You mean you don't know? It must be a trick question. It seems far too easy. What's your favourite thing?
  9. Has no one else worked it out yet? Groundspeak is obviously an evil organisation which set up this website solely to gather data on when best to conduct their nefarious activities. Jeremy 'Moriarty' Irish sits in his office with a giant map of the world on the wall, which has little LEDs all over it that light up when the cache stats predict that someone will be out. He then picks up the phone to his henchman Elias the Knife, who sends one of their minions over to gut the place. If you're a charter member, they promise to leave the telly. What's your favourite thing?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Ben Pid:Anyone else had a strange oddity like this? ...come to think of it I don't think there is anyone apart from me that is mad enough to have a cache in their back garden anyway.. The Hornet used to have about two hundred. What's your favourite thing?
  11. Oh dear. I was hoping for better news than that What's your favourite thing?
  12. So how's Boysie doing? Hope he's okay. What's your favourite thing?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Pharisee:I know I’ve learned a few things... <snip> Like not being a member of the last team to do the night cache (I had to carry all the caches back)... It could have been worse - Huga, Nzbuu and I did it after you. There we were in the middle of the forest at one a.m. searching for something that wasn't there any more... Oh, and ditto everything! What's your favourite thing?
  14. Never happened, and I doubt it ever will. I rarely do more than one cache in a day, and I always try to pick something special - preferably a huge multi offering plenty of opportunity for misadventure I never go caching just for the sake of it - if I don't find myself in the mood for weeks or months, then so be it. Actually, I seem to be speeding up - partly, I think, because I'm increasingly choosy about what caches I do, so the experience is ever more enjoyable. What's your favourite thing?
  15. I voted yes. I don't think a thick glass jar hidden in moss is particularly dangerous. I do have reservations as to whether it's a good idea (waterproofing, public perception), and I might have voted differently if the question was 'Should the rules be changed to disallow glass caches?'. But since the rules do allow them, I think approvers have to approve them. Yes, they have to apply common sense - I'm not suggesting that caches hidden in a pit of anacondas should be approved just because there's no rule against hiding a cache in a pit of anacondas. But glass caches are something which have been around for years, and it's clear that the owners of the site don't have a problem with them, whereas no one's ever hidden a cache in a pit of anacondas. Hmm... that gives me an idea... What's your favourite thing?
  16. I don't think anyone's actually answered the original question yet. No, there's no rule against wrapping your cache in a binbag. But it's generally not a good idea, for the reasons already given. What's your favourite thing?
  17. quote:Originally posted by Wood Smoke:......I think we should start a new type of cache....... .......The Wandering Cache....... .....it could be great fun trying to find it. Each finder hides it somewhere different and logs the change on the web site :-) There are quite a few of these about (though none in this country that I know of). The rules were changed a while back to disallow them. As for Kouros's dilemma, if it's in a nice location I vote for leaving it where it is now. What's your favourite thing?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Omally:I know I've mentioned this before and lots of folks have said "yeah, sure, I'll do it" but I just want to make sure you all know what you're in for. Yeah, sure, I'll do it What's your favourite thing?
  19. In this thread, The Bramblers said: quote:The event will be promoted through the press, radio and TV. Schools publications will also be promoting it. We will be releasing three travel bugs for schools to track, hopefully around the world. There will also be other attractions that we are in the process of negotiating at present. And this page links to two recent radio interviews (discussed in this thread, one of which is all about the HCC event. What's your favourite thing?
  20. quote:Originally posted by Chris n Maria:Am I being thick? or does anyone else understand what that sentence means? Basically it means that it's logged when people click on it. Or something. What's your favourite thing?
  21. quote:Originally posted by MCL:As expressed ages ago, I am there on the saturday and am available as a helper. I'll be trying to get there as early as possible and don't care how late we leave. (there will be two of us) Exactly the same here, except there's only one of me. What's your favourite thing?
  22. quote:Originally posted by someone somewhere:I like the one with D&P looking "worse for wares" Where did anyone say this anyway? quote:Originally posted by The Land Ranger:In this thread MCL said : quote:I turned up late with Simong as the chauffer (cheers Simon) and so missed a few people, but nevertheless, I must say I didn't notice you being particularly drunk, as I was there when you left... Chauffer is spelt chauffeur Never mind that, you missed the important one - my name is spelt with a capital G! What's your favourite thing?
  23. I'm pretty sure Gunther never did anything to get himself banned - he left of his own choosing. Team Paradise suggested above that he asked for his account to be removed from the forum. I don't really remember, but that could be it. What's your favourite thing?
  24. I just looked at gunther's profile again: quote:Hi SimonG, unfortunately this is my only means of communication at present on GC.COM as my user id is disabled and my email address a fake to stop annoying emails! But you are correct I do not on the whole object, but I do agree it could be a little presumptious. I don't quite understand why his user id is disabled, but since he apparently can't post here, I thought I'd do it for him. So there we are. What's your favourite thing?
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