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I will be visiting the UK at the end of this month. I will be working in Dunstable for a few days and I think I will be doing the tourist thing in London, trying to stay near Kings Cross Station so I can get around to wherever I want. Any suggestions on good caches? I need one or more that are Travel Bug friendly as I will be bringing many "Across The Pond" with me.

Thanks for any help


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I live in a village not too far from Dunstable and can recommend the following; you will however need a car to get to them:


Beacon View - Round in Circles GC87E9, Closest to Dunstable with some breathtaking views


A Clappers Caper GC87B9

A Clappers Caper Part 1 GC87B7

A Clappers Caper Part 2 GC87B8


All three are in the same area, also with lovely views.


Katherine's Cross GCB938

Masquerade GCBF82


These two are within a few hundred feet of each other.


Hope this help, good luck and good caching




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Basically its a red light area - with all the associated problems. It's no where near as bad as it used to be, but there are so many nicer places to stay. Obviously it depends on your financial situation, but www.visitbritain.com amongst others - should be able to point you in the right direction.


Despite what the papers would have you believe, in general the tube (underground) system isn't that bad and as stated above can get you to quite a few caches. If you need to travel further afield, the main line overground stations are all pretty central and easy to get to.


www.streetmap.co.uk will get you co-ords for virtually every part of the UK. It's just a question then of finding the nearest caches.


There are numerous caches in Epping Forest (North East London / Essex borders). This is easily reached by car from the centre of town .... Boudicca's Stone will have you pulling your hair out!


Hope this assists........(just to reiterate - please don't stay in King's Cross!!!)

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Wish you luck when you come over to the UK.


There are plenty of nice caches you can do but I think all of them have already been mentioned.


Don't listen to Nick and Ali for Kings Cross is a lovely place that is where the king cgot really frustrated and cross icon_smile.gif



When the $@#? hits the fan the torrent will follow!...



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I just mailed to my daughter in Edinburgh a Travel Bug that wants to reach Europe. If anyone is kind enough to do a favor and contact her to place the bug in a cache there, please e-mail me. She is yourng, single, and good-looking, if that helps motivate. I will not be looking for replies on this board, so please e-mail me directly.

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