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A technical question

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Yes you can... it's not that difficult but you have to create your cache page using the HTML option and you need to have the images you want to display already up-loaded to somewhere on the web, your homepages if you have them. Then it's just a case of putting the image link into the text of the cache page.

This is the link I use on one of mine (Dark Deeds at St Mary's), as an example

<img src="http://www.geocacheuk.org/hp/pharisee/images/thechurch400.jpg" alt="The Church" width="300" height="225" align="right" border="3">


Hope that helps



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I use a fixed background on all my cache pages by using the following HTML:


<body background="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/91239_200.jpg" BGPROPERTIES="fixed">


Without BGPROPERTIES="fixed" the background will move.


You can upload a picture to the page in the normal way, then note the url to use as the background and then DELETE the picture. Although it says it is lost it isn't!!


Hope this helps.





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Originally posted by Firth of Forth:

You can see the results if you wish at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=100440.

Nice effort. Just one suggestion. The colour picture of the harbour displays at 300 x 200 pixels, but the full size of the file is 1280 x 960. This means it takes a long time to load.


You could resize the picture in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and the resulting file will be almost 20 times smaller. This will make it load much faster especially for those with a dialup connection.


The same applies to the other colour pic.





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