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Hi, can anybody explane me how to change the adress to a new location ?  I  moved , about a year ago from region Rotterdam to the East of the Netherlands Limburg.

I changed my account to the new location with the right coördinates.

I tried everything to get the right map and notifications of new caches around the new location, but nothing works.

Every new cache is still in the old location.  It's hopeless !

Greets opa Nokki.

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Hi, the location on the Geocaching map is oké.  That's Vlodrop , but after loggin in I still get the old location near Delft.  After login I press the button Map and get the old map.

So I have to shift the cursor over the Map to the other side of the Netherlands.   No way to change that.   Therefor I still get the notifications of new caches still on the old location.

I am trying to correct this for almost a year , but in vain !!

Greets Nokki

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