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[BUG???] Kosovo on stats map


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So I'm seriously annoyed that there's a gap on my statistics map for Kosovo. I've found caches in Serbia and this should be filled in theoretically (not wanting to start a political discussion here). Ok. So I looked at a cache in Pristina and found a few people who had logged it. And they also have the same gap on their map there, despite the find in Kosovo.


* On GC.com Kosovo is treated as a part of Serbia.
* On the statistics map it is treated as a separate country that does not get a colour when a cache is found in Serbia
* However, it also does not get a colour when caches in Kosovo are logged.

Basically, there's a perpetual gap on the map (World and Europe) that is impossible to fill in. As someone who likes to fill in the whole map it makes me feel :( and as someone who hates inconsistencies it makes me feel :wacko: Any chance this will get fixed one day?

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Geocaching.com in general uses this list from the UN to determine what we include as countries in our list. It does not include Kosovo. Meanwhile, we use a Google product (Google Charts) to power our stats maps. Google does recognize Kosovo, hence the disparities here. Until these entities share the same recognition of Kosovo, we will likely continue to show that hole in the map.

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Thanks guys. So as there's no distiguisher between different regions of Serbia a work-around to plug that hole :antenna: would not work either. I think I need a firefox script, if that works with this map to start with :signalviolin:

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