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Walker Dan reaches his Century


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Good on yer' Walker Dan. I must admit I hadn't been following your progress but anyone who hits 100 should get their "moment of glory".


Roll on 200. Peter




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Many thanks for your words of congratulations. I suspect the next 100 will be a lot harder and involve a bit more travelling.


Highlights have been many and varied, low points mainly involve getting out of bed early on a Saturday or Sunday or holly bushes. I'm sure this hobby will leave us scarred mentally and physically.


Most enjoyed caches - Solway View for an unexpected viewpoint and Mabies Forest Trail for a great walk to a super little spot. Mind you the weather helped for both.


Most frustrating - not finding the odd ones where other cachers found straight away. Must make sure Mrs Dan goes to these as she is a bit more controlled in these situations and generally finds them no bother.


Furthest from home - caches in Kent and Sussex while down sarf for a wedding.


In General have enjoyed getting out and about on days we wouldn't normally have bothered, plus its better than gardening!!!!!

Have also enjoyed placing the odd or cache or two in places we hope folk will enjoy.


Off now to plan the next 100, where shall we start - Edinburgh looks a good bet or the Yorkshire Dales or should we look a bit farther afield or ........


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