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  1. WooHoo. Thanks in anticipation. I didn't realise how much I rely on the OS map feature till its missing!!
  2. Awesome! even better than before google put the moccas on using their maps. Well done 5 stars from me
  3. I placed this cache in May 2003 while I was on holiday, before setting 'holiday caches' were rightly stopped. I have managed to maintain it with a mix of personal visits and help from other cachers. I now find it almost impossible to maintain the cache to the level it deserves and was wondering if any cacher local to Fort William would like to adopt it, or even remove it and set their own. In the eight years it has been there it has had over 700 visits, many of them from foreign cachers. It is apparently in a bad state at the moment and will have to be sorted for next spring.
  4. After a trip down South to do some caching a few days ago, I was surprised by the number of caches near my friends home. I did a few PQs and came up with these figures. I have 404 caches within a 20 mile radius of my home. My friend has 500+ caches within an 8 mile radius. So is the North loosing out to the South again?? How far do you have to go to get 500 caches?
  5. Well done David on getting to the magic number. on to 2000th now!!
  6. Coincidences, I found it on a web surf last week and worked out how to use it last night. I wondered if any one else had descovered it!! this is me here
  7. Here I have used one of these for ages without any problems, and the power input to my palm is on the bottom which this allows access to. I think you might be able to get them a bit cheaper though.
  8. That is why it is taking me ages to reach my 1000th cache, too much work not enough play
  9. I thankfully don't live around the 'Boro. But I do live near Darlington (lovely market town) and can look after it for you if there is no one else! Having said that I haven’t actually found the cache yet!! It has been on my must do list for a while! I thought I would get a chance when Mrs Postie suggested we went to Middlesbrough Christmas shopping, but we ended up going to Darlington instead.
  10. Well done Geoff. Looks like I got you hooked on something taking you round that Richmond cache
  11. Well done David, we will have to keep caching togeather then you won't catch me up!
  12. Thanks for all the congrats guys! I have slowed down a bit in the last year or so but still enjoying the hunt When I started back in 2001, there were 250 caches in the whole of Britain. Things certainly have moved on! I check up on my cache near Staindrop when I have to cover that delivery, and I found Darlington 5p cache which is on my packet route in town!
  13. Here it is Bluetooth Adapter I recently bought one of these to link my old garmin 12 with my new Palm tungsten5. It works great with my fugawi maps and I use the garmin on it's own when I need to.
  14. Has anyone got or tried one of these?? I have sent off for one to try with my Palm M515 with a Bluetooth card. I was thinking of buying a Bluetooth gps but they are a tad expensive and this seems a cheaper option. Here
  15. Congrats to you both, It was nice meeting you at the North East cache meet and great to see some pics of the wedding.
  16. Don't worry about taking a long time to find my cache on Ben Nevis. I made it as easy as I could because I didn't want people climbing all the way up there only to post a "no find". Should only take 10mins tops. Providing the snow has gone that is I managed the 3 peaks years ago in 23h.50m, had to run back down Snowdon!!
  17. Get well soon Moss!!! If you make it to the North East Bash I can sign your plaster By the way Doris (of Dick and Doris) had to be airlifted from Ben Nevis after spraining her ankle doing my cache!!!
  18. Great idea, but I can only manage saturdays. Greenmantle might be up for it as well.
  19. Well done guys!! I can feel your breath on my kneck Thanks for your caches I did last week, let me know if you are coming to my kneck of the woods!
  20. Thanks everyone. I had a good time over in Shropshire/Cheshire etc this week. It's nice to get to different areas to cache. There are a lot of good caches out there!!
  21. Very very sad news. My condolences to his family.
  22. He He He!! only joking. You guys have a nice time up there. The ammo can is much easier to find now.
  23. I will be able to take this on. I contacted the owner some time ago and asked his permission but got no further than that. It is a great place for a cache and is quite a challenge as you loose some signals when you go 'over the edge'. Let me know what I have to do.
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