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What personal information to include with a cache

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Hi All,


As I mentioned in another thread I have had a cache go walkabout recently. It ended up in Cardiff Police Station and was it not for a stash note that Dan had provided HEREthe complete cache would probably have been destroyed. As Dan’s stashnote had his website details on it they e-mailed Dan and he contacted me.


I know they could have tracked me down through Geocaching.com but that is not very easy to someone who is not familiar with the site


A lot of inconvenience could have been avoided if I had left contact details in the cache, so my question is.


What if any details do other Cachers leave in caches?


Most of the caches I have visited have had no contact details, I think in future I would leave an e-mail address and would consider leaving a mobile telephone number – any thought’s on this?


Any input appreciated.




P.S. Anyone thought about a stash note with the new Geocaching U.K. logo on it? I think this would look good and perhaps Mark might like to host it on GEOCACHEUK.com ?

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I'd be weary of leaving phone details on a cache... only because Mobile Phones have become somewhat disposable, and the number that you use on the cache might not still be in use 18months from now. But then, that's just me.


Email address sounds like a sensible option, although equally disposable.


Hm! A dilemma!



An it harm none, do what ye will

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We have listed a YAC number on our cache which gets diverted to one our mobiles.




A little info from their site:


The YAC Number is a FREE service which gives you 'One Number' for all your incoming phone calls, faxes and voicemail.


The service gives you control to forward all incoming calls to a phone of your choice such as office, mobile, home etc as well as receiving both voice messages and faxes.


Hope this helps



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I would strongly recomend not to put personal details into a cache.


Our stash note in our cache has our website on it and gecaching.com of course this then could be tracked to us via email if wanted to.

We have not put a mailto on our web site. As it could be miss used, but rather a form to fill in, it then gets sent to the right email address.


I know nhot every one has a website, so would people like what I mentioned above, availabe to them from our website. icon_smile.gif


Kids Caches and Mayhem what a day in the celtic tribal city.

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Originally posted by The Targett


We have not put a mailto on our web site. As it could be miss used, but rather a form to fill in, it then gets sent to the right email address.


What's this address then?:




In case you're interested, it was embedded in the HTML source of your web form (without the obfuscation that I put in) for sending an e-mail (right click on the form frame and select "view source"). The average e-mail harvesting bot doesn't care that it won't get rendered. It'll just look at the HTML source




The second ten million caches were the worst too.



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