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Phone App TOO Fixed


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Us it possible to set the phone app back a generation or two?  Latest version has the "distance to GZ" on an "I fopund it" popup with really small type that is problematic for Geezervision and also simply hard to read in bright sunlight.  Previous vision where distance to GZ was displayed at top in much larger font was better for me.  Can I back up to a previous version, or to I have to send a GripeoGram to Groundspeak?

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So it's a no to backing up to an earlier version, I take it.  I have the brightness settings on my phone maxed out, but in midday Arizona sun it's still very hard to read the map for street names and such, as well as the "distance to" problem.  (Using compass helps with the latter, thanks for that tip.)  Are there GPS devices out there for geocaching that perform better in bright daylight?  Only one I ever used before phone was a very basic Garmin. If yes, might have to invest in one.  OR, are there other phone apps for geocaching that handle the daylight situation better than the official phone app?


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