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  1. One of the various popups on the app says there over 3,000,000 caches worldwide; anybody know how many players are now involved in the game? Would be an interesting trivium.
  2. There's one here in Tucson, way the heck up on top of one of the peaks in the Catalina mountains -- not sure if it's still active. I've never considered going for it, but my son-in-law did it, took him half a day to get up there and another half day to get back down. Extreme caching, for sure.
  3. Oh well, guess I'm just an old grouch b....ing about minor stuff. Some caches described here are FAR worse than anything I've encountered! My interpretation of TOTT has always been things that'll fit in a small backpack or similar, but obviously many have gone well beyond that. Keep on cachin', y'all, and stay safe and healthy.
  4. Around Tucson of late, there seems to be a craze for placing caches in high locations -- way up out of reach on a street sign or up in a tree or on top of a power transformer box -- so one has to have a stepstool or one of those reaching tools to have any hope of retrieving them. (Since I do a lot of my caching on a motor scooter, carrying along such things is not really possible.) Is this happening everywhere, or is it just a Sonoran desert thing? I find it a bit annoying, frankly, because at my age climbing is no longer one of my favorite activities. If there were an attribute for these I'd frankly be tempted to put them on my ignore list.
  5. Okay, and thanks to all responders. For the most part I give them to caches that involved a bit of construction effort, as opposed to just stuffing a log in a pill bottle. Not to poohpooh the latter, my score would be a lot lower without them, but it's especially nice to find one that stands out for its cleverness and clearly required a bit of the owner's time at his desk or workbench.
  6. I personally am not all that interested in collecting "favorites," but obviously some folks are, so I've started awarding them the past few months. Who can 'splain me what the benefit is about having or awarding lots of favorites? Are there prizes or something? Like maybe a free year's membership or a free GPS upgrade or a hundred free magnetic nanocaches?
  7. Thanks for all the replies so far. No, I haven't changed anything on my phone lately other than uninstalling and reinstalling the Geocaching app after all this started, and my problem has nothing to do with my PC, only my Samsung On5 phone running Android and the Geocaching app. Will continue experimenting and check back here occasionally for any helpful thoughts. My Android version, BTW, is 6.0.1. HEY!!! Just re-checked my phone, and the button still says "Start," but THE MAPS ARE BACK. Yay.
  8. Mine had "Navigate" until a few days ago, now "Start." I figured it came from some automatic update. Uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it to double check, but same thing, still a "Start" button. ?????
  9. Just recently the geocaching app on my Samsung Galaxy ON5 phone started acting up. When I sign in I get a map of my immediate area, showing nearby caches, and when I select a cache I get the initial cache details as usual. But when I hit "Start" I get a blank map screen. Same no matter which map type I select. Restarting or shutdown/restart no help, app uninstall and reinstall no help. Any ideas?
  10. DISREGARD, found it. Apparently I've lost mine.... I'm in Tucson AZ.
  11. The manual from Garmin is somewhat better, though no explanation there either for the messages I mentioned. Guess I'll figure it out in time. Thanks for responses.
  12. Old Etrex-H finally contracted a probably incurable E-disease so took the plunge and bought a new out-of-the-box Etrex-20x. Okay in general, have figured out enough to go find a cache today, but the buttonology is challenging. Frequently getting messages "Change Item Order" or words to that effect, would love to organize some of the menus so my stuff is at the top, but nothing I do after that message seems to do anything at all. Other messages say "Show all, Delete all, or Reset to Factory" or "No Options," (again, words to that effect), and I always chicken out because I'm afraid I'll do something I didn't mean to. Bottom line, seems to have lots of neat stuff I might want to take advantage of, but the buttonology is not clear. Old Etrex-H had one button to scroll through menus, one set of up/down buttons to pick desired item from selected menu, and a "GO!" button to make it happen. Does not seem to be the case with the -20x, but this is Day One. So my question, is there a GOOD manual for the Etrex 20x that doesn't require me to install a bunch of spamware on my computer to unzip files, etc.? The Quick Start menu out of the box is nearly worthless, and everyone else I found on line peddling the apparently same 60-page manual wanted me to first install some other executable. One bit of good news, was able to download a couple dozen caches from EasyGPS, in case anybody is still using that bare-bones geocaching software. Beats manual entry.
  13. 20 it is, now to price shop. Sportsman's Warehouse has it for $200 + tax, but I can probably beat that somewhere. Thanks for all the good advice.
  14. Leaning toward the 20 too, but still open to inputs good/bad. Remember, not looking for Star Wars level technology, just reasonable geocaching features and Windows 8/10/newer compatibility. Maps nice, not essential, just give me the ol' pointy arrow and I'm mostly good. But it's clear the Etrex H is a dinosaur.
  15. In re: batteries, used to get at least a couple extended caching sessions from a new pair of AA's, now almost a certainty that 30 minutes in it'll start complaining, while back at home the batteries test at 1.45v or thereabouts. Repeatedly, not a single occurrence.
  16. While waiting for responses (thanks for all so far, by the way) I saw many Etrex 10/20/30 out there, new and used. The 10 seems to be adequate but maybe already on the brink of obsolescence?, 20 looks good, 30 too but maybe overkill and an extra Benjamin for stuff I might not ever use. Any experiences to share with those three? How did you like them, what did they NOT have that you wanted? Have used smart phone a few times too, by the way, but still prefer a purpose-built device.
  17. Have been caching for 15 years with the Etrex-H and was happy with it. Compass, little arrow, "xxx feet to cache," all I wanted. But it's dying again, complaining about low battery every 15 minutes, and not worth finding another Etrex-H for sale somewhere (not to mention incompatibilities with newer Windows versions). So I have to upgrade, but don't want something so fancy I can plan a moon shot on it, just something lowish-end that does what the -H did plus maybe longer cache names, maybe descriptions and hints, maps okay but I can live without them. So what do y'all suggest from the used market, or the lower-end new market? Spare me the lectures about joining the 21st century, please, not here to seek pity or condescension, just whatever friendly advice folks might have to offer who have worked their way up the technology ladder more than I have and can speak to the capabilities of GPS units somewhat more sophisticated than my old standby.
  18. BigOpe

    ETRex H Obsolete?

    I've been happy with my old Etrex H, had to go shopping for drivers and cables when I moved up to Windows 8.1 but all good. Just had to move to Windows 10 and latest (7.whatever) version of EasyGPS, same issues, won't talk to my vintage GPS for upload/download. Anybody know if there are drivers and cables out there that will bring it back to life, as it is still working fine for my needs? Spare me the lectures, by the way, about "join the 21st century." I'm asking a simple question, as I'd like to stay with my current stuff until it dies, not for $$$ reasons, just because it gives me the enjoyment and challenge I want from our hobby. Does anybody know for a certainty that the Etrex H/EasyGPS 7.???/Windows 10 configuration can be made to work? If not I'm fine with spending a few bucks to upgrade, but I enjoy doing things the legacy way as long as I can.
  19. BigOpe

    ETrex H and EasyGPS

    Long time user of Etrex H and EasyGPS (I like it cheap and simple, not too many bells'n'whistles), but latest version of EasyGPS no longer lists the Etrex H as an option. EasyGPS says they no longer support GPS's with serial connection, so it looks like I may have been run over by the technology bus. If indeed my Etrex H is just plain too old, wondering what to do. Plainest Etrex listed in EasyGPS now is the Etrex 10, could buy one of those but how likely is it that six months from now it'll be too old too? How much must I upgrade to be reasonably sure the technology won't overtake me again, while still keeping it relatively cheap and simple? And if I switch to another brand altogether, where in their product line do I fit? Not familiar at all with anything but Garmin. Any advice anyone can offer before I plunk down my money will be welcome. Oh, yeah, and would switching to something other than EasyGPS solve my problem, or are GSAK etc. also snubbing anything as old as my Etrex H?
  20. Not even going to bother to read other posts about this Pokemon phenomenon, just soapboxing. These smart-phone Millenial (for the most part) twits are threatening our 15-year fun experience, as far as I can tell from news coverage. Not saying our "group" should get involved, but I don't like what I'm seeing and hearing. If these idiots keep desecrating cemeteries, trespassing on private property, etc., nothing good is likely to come of it for traditional geocachers. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  21. I'm not sure I follow. Why did you need two cables for your laptop and desktop when the USB ports on the computer are the same? And if you're talking about the GPS end, they would only be different if you've had more than one GPS. My point is that all GPS models in the past.... 8-10 years all connect with a standard USB cable. Thus if you need extra cables, you can get one at radio shack or wal mart. The GPS has a mini-USB type A and the computer is a regular USB type A. This is an improvement over old eTrex line which connected via serial cable, which is no longer supported, and required a special cable to convert to USB. Normally I'd agree that that older GPS technology is still functional today, but this is one case where I advocate leaving unsupported standards in the past. The difference was actually in the SOFTWARE that enabled whatever the GPS speaks to communicate with Windows. The plugs at the computer end were both normal USB, the plugs at the GPS end were the same as far as the contacts, but were different shaped. (BTW, on the Etrex-H it is NOT a mini-USB Type A, but rather an oddball slide-on connector with four copper contacts, never seen it anywhere else but on the Etrex-H.) But the REAL difference that required a second cable was that the software for my first, Windows 7 cable did not work with Windows 8 and was not going to be upgraded, so I had to get a second cable. Second cable, in turn, had the right connector at the GPS end but terminated in a serial connector, so I also needed a serial-to-USB adapter. Simple problem, really, but the various bits and pieces to solve it were most definitely NOT to be found at Radio Shack, BestBuy, etc. All hail the Internet, I found them all there eventually. But the good news, found an Etrex-H on EBay, so I'm back in business.
  22. Will read up on the Vista. Problem I've encountered before is different plugs at the GPS end, not the computer end. Had to have different cables for my Windows 7 desktop PC and my Windows 8.1 laptop, and the plugs at the GPS were different on the two cables.
  23. Lost my Etrex-H yet again. Anybody have an old one -- but fully functional, please -- they'd think of selling? Would rather not have to buy a bunch of new cables, etc., that would be needed for an upgrade. The ETrex-H is good enough for my needs.
  24. Thanks for all replies. Hosting is kind of a non-starter, as we're only up there for a few months in summer. I'll look into Pup Patrol's post, though.
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