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Never give up on your missing trackables!


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A few weeks ago, I found a trackable that has been missing since 2009! (not present in the cache it should be since 2009, finally marked missing in 2012) The TB went missing in a cache in the Netherlands, and now I found it in a cache in my town in Belgium, but it was not logged into the cache. I grabbed it and placed it in the cache.
Always great to see a missing trackable reappear! Never give up on your trackable, it might reappear someday!
This is also the first trackable I have come across, so it feels extra special to me.


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We are fairly new to this and got excited by trackables early on and bought a few to place. It was so disappointing to see how fast they disappear! One I had high hopes for as it was placed in a tourist location that a lot of experienced cachers visit -- nope, gone within a week or two. But one gave me hope. We never actually placed it but it fell out of our bag while caching. We were in one small town that day and knew it likely happened at one particular cache. I added a note to the cache log saying to be on the lookout for it. No responses. MONTHS later, it pops up as found at another cache we visited that same day! The finder just found it laying on the ground as they were signing their log (likely on the same bench we used) and picked it up to continue its journey. Its now well on its way to achieving its goal with its second grabber. I am hoping it sticks around. Never give up! I am still hoping my first one pops up somewhere.

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Yes, never give up on them.

I too have found several missing TBs, invariably not logged into a cache. No one wants to let others know they had it all those years. I found one in NZ that had gone missing in the Netherlands ten years before. I have found several missing for several years. The longest missing one I think went missing in 2003 in Canada. I found it in Australia.

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