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  1. Yes! That worked, thank you barefootjeff!
  2. Yes the cache page is correctly updated..I don’t know why the app wouldn’t..
  3. A couple of weeks ago I changed some info on one of my cache pages ( the hint & cache container description) However when I look at the cache using the iPhone app, that info has not updated. What can I do about that? The original info is now misleading if cachers are only using the app.
  4. In my area I have seen a few caches published in conjunction with an event, that are intended to be found on the event day. Due to the placement location they clearly won’t (and don’t) last more than a week, if that - e.g. exposed to waves, tides etc. I guess it all depends on the local reviewer?
  5. There is a particular type of container popular in my area that I find almost impossible to open (simultaneous push & twist lid like a pill bottle but worse) So in those cases when I can’t open the container I take a photo & send it to the CO, then log the cache as found with an explanation in the log.
  6. Thanks but ‘Other’ results in a ? for the cache size… I found a partial answer, apparently some Earthcaches show an X for the cache size..but some old traditionals do too..
  7. There is a challenge in my area which includes a requirement to find a cache with the size ‘Not Chosen’ (indicated by an X in the size box that would otherwise have a ? ) Any idea how I could filter for those? They must be older caches since every cache published now requires a size choice.
  8. I was happy to be awarded a virtual today (hurray!) and at the same time I discovered that there is a new webcam in my community. Does anyone know whether I could have my virtual use the webcam? Should I ask one of my local reviewers?
  9. Thank you for the story of your dad j_czerwin..
  10. Those ALs sound great! I don’t consider 5-10 km to be very far though…in the example that I thought was extreme, the distance from 1st to last stage is almost 400 km!
  11. I encountered one of these ALs recently, it would have required many hours of driving for hundreds of km to complete! Very bizarre. It would be great if there was the ability to comment on such ALs without completing them..
  12. Thanks for the tips! I will do a bit more reading & thinking.
  13. Thanks for your reply! Do you have a link to the other forum discussion you mention? The movie is available through our library system, therefore ‘free’ in our region ( not sure about other regions though - people who like to solve puzzle caches that they will never search for might be out of luck)
  14. I am considering making a puzzle cache which would require watching a Hollywood movie in order to get the answers. I have solved a similar one in which most of the answers were in clips that could be found on Youtube, but for my potential puzzle , clips are not available for all the scenes that I want. What are your thoughts on whether this would be interesting or frustrating or would it even be allowed…?
  15. Thanks for the input! I have had this TB coin for over a year, just kept forgetting to log it as ‘visiting’ caches that I found…however lately I have realized that it would have been handy to have been doing that all along since the TB journey map would show visually all the miles & places I have been caching. Maybe one rainy day I will get to work updating the logs..! Thanks again for your help.
  16. Thanks for the replies, I was afraid ‘one at a time ‘ was going to be the answer…!
  17. Is there a quick/efficient way to retroactively log a trackable (that I own) as having visited every cache that I have been to, in order? (This is not a travelling TB but a coin that I have owned for a while, that I don’t intend to release) Thanks in advance!
  18. Interesting approach Unit473L! I did just receive 4 free holiday promo trackables & will be putting them into play. Thanks!
  19. Thanks everyone for your great advice! My thought had been to contact the cacher & say pretty much verbatim what Max and 99 suggested - but I will wait a while regardless & incorporate the other suggestions as well. I can’t visit the cache again since it is across the country- I had dropped the trackable (along with another one ) far away to get lots of miles on them . I figured the cacher was relatively new & probably logged Grab rather Retrieve (on both trackables )thinking that both actions were the same. I am aware that most trackables do go missing & have many other issues that I can’t control so I have to be patient, just getting a bit over-excited by my first one
  20. I released my first trackable & have 2 questions: 1)almost immediately, a cacher ‘grabbed’ it rather than ‘retrieved’ it (seemed like a newbie according to his profile) Is this a problem? 2) it has been a couple of months since he picked it up & I am considering contacting him to ask him to place it in another cache, is this a good idea?
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