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Message Center- hitting the Return key on a keyboard submits the message


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When I answer virtuals or earthcaches through the Message Center on my laptop and hit the Return key on my keyboard, it will post my message when I really just want a line between paragraphs or answers. I'm sure this is a setting I should know how to manage but I'm at a loss. Even holding Shift then the Return key submits my message. I simply want a line break. What am I doing wrong? I'm on a  MacBook Air. It's fairly annoying and I end up submitting stuff too early and then apologizing to the CO with a second message. Thanks!!

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4 hours ago, Keystone said:

At the bottom right corner, next to the "Send" button, you should see a checkbox saying "Press enter to send." 

So far I don't know anyone who needs this function "Press enter to send.", but I have already received many involuntarily fragmented messages. Just my opinion: If you implement something like this, you should at least not make it preset, but have to activate it consciously...

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1 hour ago, GeoGrants said:

OMG! I literally laughed out loud. 90% of this game is observing and I TOTALLY missed that. Feels like a DNF! Thank you so much! 


It was my pleasure to help you!  Perhaps you can return the favor the next time I get stumped on a difficulty 1 cache.  It happens a lot.

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Press enter to send is a function typically on by default for text messaging. Web based messaging almost universally allows line breaks.  So there is precedent for 'enter to send', but it has always been a (minor) annoyance for web-based messaging systems. Even FB and Twitter allow enter for line breaks by default.

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