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For the Wheel of Challenges, What is an Adventure Location?


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ALC Adventure Lab Cache, formerly known as lab, can only be found by the associated app called Adventure Lab®. You use the same login details as on geocaching.com.




One found alc counts as one found cache. The found date is the date when the answer is given in the app.

ALC however give no founds for country, size, d/t, attributes and some more.

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Does all the (three) caches have 2 b in  the same country?


I found several types the last weeks, but did not earn the souvenir...

Event: GCAAKRZ (10.8.23)

Lab: Nantes au fil des siècles. (FR/EN)  https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/GetSmartLink/c34b5796-dd89-400c-a622-10d7ad494504  (13.8.23)

Tradi: GC846WB (12.8.23)


Maybe some1 can explain me what i did wrong.



cu F'x

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42 minutes ago, Le_Moench said:

Does all the (three) caches have 2 b in  the same country?


42 minutes ago, Le_Moench said:

Maybe some1 can explain me what i did wrong.

I don't see anything to explain why you didn't get the first souvenir. You may want to just contact HQ who can help you. 

Edit: you DO have the souvenir! 

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1 hour ago, albertpang said:

Me too. I have completed all types of caches as required. But even the first souvenir was not given. Can't see it on my App or my profile login with my laptop.


The CITO probably didn't count as an 'event'...? (but you received a CITO souvenir)

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Thank you RCH65, HHL and Max for feedback on my post.


From the very beginning as in the promo on July 31, 2023 "What comes next in Wheel of Challenges?", the chosen eight cache types are "Traditional Cache... Event Cache... Letterbox Hybrid". 


To my understanding, according to the definition of Geocaching Events (#3.1. Geocaching Events) - https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=23&pgid=48 , "Geocaching Event Caches are get-togethers listed on Geocaching.com. They are organized by local geocachers and geocaching organizations. They range from meet-and-greets, to education seminars, to environmental cleanups. Anyone is welcome to attend! Events are a great way to meet fellow geocachers, learn about geocaching, and get involved in the geocaching community." - The event types on the list include CITO.


Another point of understanding in my mind... please try this on https://geocaching.com homepage... click on Community tab > Events. What can you get? Obviously, you will see a list of events. Right? Can you also see CITO event? Obviously YES!  


If a so-called "regular" event (meet-and-greets for 30 minutes as a minimum) is counted to the Wheel of Challenges, I cannot see why other event types under the same defined list are not - (CITO for environmental cleanups; Mega-Events & Giga-Events for getting involved in the geocaching community.) 


Just a sharing of my thought! Not getting a digital souvenir isn't going to affect my geocaching adventures. 

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The confusion is because of events vs "E"vents.  One are anything that could be classified as a gathering, the other is the literal name of a geocache [listing] type.  "Events" are what counts, not just any event. A CITO is an event, but it's not an Event, or an event cache.

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