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  1. How are challenge caches without the word challenge in the title supposed to be handled? According to the current guidelines the English word challenge must be in the title. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=206 Required for all challenge caches: 1. Type, Title, and Attribute Challenge caches must be listed as Mystery caches, must have the English word "challenge" in the title, and must include the challenge cache attribute. About challenge caches published before April 2015 it's only mentioned that they are legacy caches and "may have Additional logging requirements that require further documentation". The ones I have seen are all in Finland, published before April 2015 and have haaste instead of challenge in the title. For example these 2: https://coord.info/GC5AA26 Combohaaste (T900/MM600/365) https://coord.info/GC2P98D Pitkän viikonlopun kuntahyppely -haastekätkö So my question is are the title also included in the legacy category or are an needs maintenance in order?
  2. If both of you are paying members on project-gc the virtual GPS can be used to share corrected coordinates between each other. Personally I find cachetur.no much easier to use if there are many caches that needs to be updated. Mostky since cachetur never writes over personal cache note that has happened when I used virtual GPS.
  3. From what year are these logs? The logging system was change a few years ago to only allow one found it per cache. And the possibility to to log found it on owned caches was also removed at the same time.
  4. There is macros to GSAK that downloads all ALC stages and the information in them. There is also an web page that can download all information as an gpx.
  5. Does non of these who log at home have mobile phones or an GPS? If they have an mobile phone logging drafts in the field would be the best. Then they can log all finds later on the geocaching app or via geocaching.com.
  6. According to project-gc advance search there are 133 caches worldwide whose name start with an =. But you need to be an paying member to have access to that search. So have copied the search result to this bookmark list: https://coord.info/BM9R1AZ
  7. An public list of all search parameters is nothing that exists as far as I know. Reading forum posts, like the or above, is probably the best way to find them.
  8. There used to be an option for personal cache note in the search filter. But that was removed sometime in 2019 and has never returned. This forum tread gives an solution that still works. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/351910-can-no-longer-filter-by-has-personal-cache-note/&tab=comments#comment-5773102 https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?ot=4&note=1 This link will give an search result with all caches with personal cache notes. Then you will have to add them to an list.
  9. Is it pictures you have added to an log on an cache or pictures you add to one of your own caches via the edit page?
  10. Adding an announcement-log for events is excellent. The adding of an archive-log is more problematic I think. Since archival is an permanent action having it among among all other log types there will be an risk that the amount of archives by mistake will increase. Specially if there is no pop-up window warning that the cache is about to be archived. Since I have no idea what happens after I press send i never tried it on one of my caches. An better way is to move the archive option to the grey bottom of the front page in the app on an cache, where report an problem is on non-owned caches. Then the risk of archive mistake will be reduced.
  11. For downloading many caches can pocket query be used. Or project-gc virtual GPS. For logs do you mean upload drafts of the caches you have found to log them one at a time or publishing many logs automatic with the same content? If it's drafts the apps geocaching or cachly can do it. If it's publish many logs automatically I believe that cachetur.no can do something similar to gsak publish logs.
  12. One way is yo use certitude to give the hints. For example: The code word " hint 1" gives the word black. Then create an certitude for waypoint #1 with the code word "hint 2" and an new given hint. The link to this is copied into the certitude for "hint 1". Repeat for so many levels you want to give.
  13. Of course it helps to log in to labs.geocaching.com. The button for log in is visible on the picture so therefore there are no finds visible. When you have logged in clicking on lab caches on you profile will show all you ALC finds.
  14. You need to login to labs.geocaching.com first to be able to see the ALC finds.
  15. There is an macro to gsak, Import Adventure Labs, that downloads all stages as waypoints that then can be downloaded as an gpx. https://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=35358&st=0
  16. You should be able to edit your note and change it to an "found it". I tried on an archived and locked webcam and the edit function is available there.
  17. Hm, that the solution checker attribute is excluded from the app sure is strange. All the other new attributes, like challenge and part of power trail, is shown. In the not-to-be-mentioned app I use there is an link saying that an checker is available via browser. That would certainly be an good link to include geocaching app to.
  18. Can it be that the "Geocaching.com solution checker" attribute that automatical is set is seen as sufficient for the app users to now that they have to switch to the web page to use the checker?
  19. If you use GSAK there is an macro that downloads all stages in an ALC as waypoints. These can then be viewed in gsak och downloaded as an gpx.
  20. Exactly, right click on the cache name and the cache page can be opened in an new tab
  21. From the log entry page you can click on the cache name and the cache page opens.
  22. One way is too see how many of the local cachers there are that already fulfill each challenge. About 10 = D5 About 500 = D1 Or if there are an series with the same task but different amounts the one with the lowest amount get D1-2 and the highest D4-5.
  23. För mig fungerar det bra att editera loggar i Chrome på mobilen och i Firefox på de stationära datorn. Så beroende på vilken webbläsare och plattform du använt kan det ta är att prova en annan webläsare. Eller att logga utkast i appen som du sedan loggar ordentligt när du är hemma istället för att editera alla loggar.
  24. For me it works in Firefox on an pc Access any conversation Find an message you sent There is an little trash can to the right of " You time PM/AM"
  25. This might be an new function. When accessing Message center from an web browser you can delete you own sent messages. And they will also be removed from the other cachers message center.
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