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  1. Denna sida säljer pet-rör med metallkork. https://www.glasoflaskor.se/Plastfoerpackningar/Plastburkar/Kryddning-dosering/30ml-PET-roer-Preform-transparent.html?utm_medium=sea&utm_source=google&gclid=CjwKCAjwgaeYBhBAEiwAvMgp2lALyY9gvIbNbh6-RtFmq59nTy-CsDdSLgXB3OCZfBIJn8mzmMAm4RoCFasQAvD_BwE Verkar vara svårt att köpa enbart aluminiumkorkarna till pet-flaskor.
  2. Ah, it was finding caches with negative attributes you needed. I misunderstood your post. No, using the search for negative attributes is impossible. You will haft to use the pocket query to find the caches with the attribute "not available at all times". Depending on which app you use the pocket query can be downloaded directly or you will haft to download the gpx file. Also add the region you want to see the caches in, or a coordinate and distance if there are no region, to limit the amount of caches. Project-gc can also be used. First you need to create a custom filter with the negative attributes. Then do an map compare adding "cache location" and "custom filter".
  3. You can also see how many positive and negative attributes you have on your profile stats page on Project-gc. They are shown last on the first tab called finds.
  4. It should mean that you logged your 10th cache and was rewarded an favourite point Tu use. After you have logged your next cache the text should be logs until next favourite point: 9
  5. It do sounds strange that the draft icon is still showing if you have deleted the draft. Did you delete the draft on geocaching.com or in the app? Check if the draft still I shown in the app, and if so delete it there.
  6. I was about to write that If you have used message center to contact the reviewer that might be the reason for no respons. But that option is removed on reviewer-accounts did I realize. Can the reviewers respons have been marked as spam by you email-provider/program?
  7. If there is an natural pile of rocks s f you only move them a little to secure the white container nothing is buried. As you say the container is still above the ground. And moving rocks to hide caches is done very often in forests. I'm a little curious about the fishing part. Are the visitors supposed to stand on the bridge and lower the line to catch the hook on the black container? What stopped them from walking down to the container and pick it up by hand? Have you tried pouring water in the white container and seen what happens white the black container?
  8. I also recommend logging an "needs maintenance" before the log book is completely filled. If an owner get notified when there are 5-10 rows left they can plan an visit to the cache when to an time that fits them. Unfortunately fewer and fewer finders logs "needs maintenance" before the log book is filled, or even when the log has been filled for some time, in my area. One reason to this is that some owners have responded with hate and mocking towards those that report caches. If you do place an new log always let the old one remain in the container. It is the owners responsibility to check the signatures compared to the web logs. So therefore the log books needs to be left for the owner to collected it. At least this is how the cache ownership is supposed to work in an ideal world.
  9. Until the geocache health score was introduced reviewers in Sweden did disable caches with the needs maintenance attribute twice a year when they had bigger sweeps of all caches in Sweden. Nowadays it's only when the health score gets low that reviewers gets an notice in there system. And if caches are continued being logged as found the health score never gets low enough to be flagged in that system. So the only way today is that players logs needs archive on caches that are abandoned by the owners when no maintenance are made by the owner. Sadly very few players bothers cares doing this is my experience. And those who log needs archive in my area are shamed and hated in logs by a few others loudly cachers. Which makes less cachers caring which result in an lower cache quality as weta log book and missing containers become normal.
  10. There is an link to the cache page on the compose log page. Namely the cache name.
  11. Getting mails forwarded as an SMS sounds like an function from your e-mail provider. So I suggest that you look in the settings in your mail provider for that. I'm curious where in the settings on geocaching.com you where able to add an phone number? I did found this tread about the subject: And this in the help center: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=7&pgid=184
  12. With map reference I suppose that it's the coordinates of the spot where the container will be placed you need to get? There is nothing in the geoching app that can do this. Adding an waypoint to an existing cache and using these coordinates is the only way in the app. It's therefore much better to download an app that can take an average measurements of the coordinates, like GPS point. Let the app measure the coordinates for 2 minutes save the result and come back 1 or 2 days later and to it again and see if there is difference. And maybe do an new measurement an other day if the result differs a lot.
  13. I was about to suggest that you could create an unknown or letterbox hybrid with an final container that always is at the same coordinates, and an small container with the coordinates that are moved around and the last person that moved it publish the coordinates in an log. But this will probably the refused as it's physical object and those must be 161 meters from other physical objects. I know that there a re a few unknown in Sweden that uses an homepage where the data can be changed so that an new location and password is created by every visitor. Something like that might work.
  14. peter-tvm


    To me it sounds like there are 2 pictures that need to placed on top of each other. And the overlay will then show numbers or something on the picture underneath. Using an image editor, like gimp, and layers is one way you can use. Change the transparency on the layers to see both at the same time.
  15. I do prefer one mail for each log. - Some cachers write essential information like wet log book or broken container in the found it-log instead of logging needs maintenance. Receiving this information only weekly will prolong owner maintenance. - I read most log mails when they arrive and immediately delete them. If it's an log on an challenge I let it be and check it later. Or an log that needs to be checked if there is an signed log. These mail can be moved to an special folder to be checked later. Having one mail with hundreds of log will make hard to sort then out. - Most important to me is that it's easier to read hundreds of individual mails arriving one after one time than one with hundreds of logs at one time.
  16. Does you freind have internet access in Germany and therefore can use webpages as normal? The European mobile roaming decree stopped for UK with Brexit. Depending on the type of us subscription of course. If it's Grounspeaks app Geocaching it is weired that it stopped working in Germany. It should be no difference just by being in an other country. Try un-install the app and re-install it.
  17. The solution is to use the webpage, as the option to block an user and delete messages only is available on the webpage message center . You can of course use an browser on your mobile phone instead of your laptop.
  18. I would say that project-gc advance search is the easiest way. https://project-gc.com/#AdvancedSearch GC code - contains And location to limit the search
  19. Yes, expanding menys for the month and year would I also lika to see. The calender is already in the system, so adding options to select month and year directly should be an easy thing to add.
  20. It may be that the sender deleted the message before you read it. Try sending an message back and ask if they did deleted it, otherwise ask them to resend the message.
  21. Using project-gc map counties is also an option https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCounties If you are logged in just click on the small blue profile with an pen, choose country and state and then click filter and an map with all counties within that state will be shown
  22. Which geocecker are you using? If it's one of the approved domains an link to the picture should work. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=97 6.11. Approved domains for images Geocheckers certitudes.org gc-apps.com geocache.fi geocheck.org geotjek.dk Mr Crow GZ/Coordinate Checker puzzle-checker.com
  23. Help center is only available in English. So despite having choose an other language for the main pages help center will be in English.
  24. How are challenge caches without the word challenge in the title supposed to be handled? According to the current guidelines the English word challenge must be in the title. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=206 Required for all challenge caches: 1. Type, Title, and Attribute Challenge caches must be listed as Mystery caches, must have the English word "challenge" in the title, and must include the challenge cache attribute. About challenge caches published before April 2015 it's only mentioned that they are legacy caches and "may have Additional logging requirements that require further documentation". The ones I have seen are all in Finland, published before April 2015 and have haaste instead of challenge in the title. For example these 2: https://coord.info/GC5AA26 Combohaaste (T900/MM600/365) https://coord.info/GC2P98D Pitkän viikonlopun kuntahyppely -haastekätkö So my question is are the title also included in the legacy category or are an needs maintenance in order?
  25. If both of you are paying members on project-gc the virtual GPS can be used to share corrected coordinates between each other. Personally I find cachetur.no much easier to use if there are many caches that needs to be updated. Mostky since cachetur never writes over personal cache note that has happened when I used virtual GPS.
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