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Is the app having problems?

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Did this resolve?  What platform, iOS or Android?  Version?  Do you have any filters set?


I have Android, App version 1.11.0 build 3798 running on a Google Pixel 4a.  It seems to be working as expected.

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19 minutes ago, CaracalShan said:

Same here, and now I am suddenly logged out from the website and the app  as well (and cant' login again).


I just had the same thing happen, with the app saying "Something went wrong", but whatever the something was has now cleared and I've been able to log back into both the app and the website.

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2 hours ago, Beechtrees said:

I appear to have problems today. Android 13.

Local area, around 20 mile radius, opens on screen. No response to search queries elsewhere. 

All fine yesterday.  Odd. 


All systems go again. Thank you techies! 

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On July 30th, the lab app would not pick up my location. Map panels would not load. Screen would not scroll. Search this location just spun away. Many restarts both app and phone. IOS 16.5. Using Cachly, there was no issue with function or locations there at all. I wound up deleting the Adventure app and reinstalling. That fixed it.

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