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  1. Thanks. I have used the function but neither get me to the series of hides I am looking for ie hides & events archived.
  2. I'm having similar problems when clicking onto friend's profile, on to geochaches then hides. Only things coming up are current hides; all previous hides, now archived, for example are not listed. That includes events and there are occasional puzzles for which getting at that information would be very helpful. (And hate it coming up on the map first, rather than a list; anyone who has hides in several countries will know the problem!) Anyone any ideas, please?
  3. Aha. I've discovered that you can change/sort eg to date found, but very long winded. Sorry, but I much preferred the older method. Enjoying some of other features though, esp the easy to locate lists, messages tabs etc.
  4. When I click on another cacher's profile, then "all geocache finds" I used to see a list based on date. Useful if I wanted to see if friends have found a newly released series, for example. I now see a list based on geographical location, starting with nearest to me. Why?!
  5. Thanks for addressing this. Really miss this feature so hope it's back asap. Like the new layout, filters & AdLab addition.
  6. A neighbour happily told me that one of her young relatives had "helped move" one of my caches in a local park. It turned out that he genuinely thought that was the game; find it, then rehide it somewhere else for the next person to find. He knows the rules now! ?
  7. Adding myself to this list. Ie permanent orange message/notification and "new" souvenir message always on screen. No actions seem to clear it. Suspect it may be simpler to list Android users where this is NOT a problem.
  8. UK view Stay at home. "This advice is not a request, it's an instruction.' Quote from British Home Secretary during daily press briefing, 3rd April 2020.
  9. I fully agree with fellsmanhiker. In UK we are asked to stay home. Simple. If gung-ho attitudes of some geocachers continue they are risking health and lives of others. As well as in some cases, breaking the law.
  10. One point doesn't seem to have been mentioned so far and that's where COs are in enforced isolation (usually 7 or 14 days in UK at present, though can be longer if family gets the virus one after the other) and/or being shielded (currently min 12 weeks with no movement at all outdoors.) It's difficult to repair and maintain caches under such circumstances. And it would be inappropriate to ask others to help, given current request from overworked, stressed and highly respected health and social care staff to "Support the NHS, Stay at Home, Save Lives."
  11. Best quote I've seen in relation to this unique situation. "Martin Hewitt, head of the National Police Chief's Council, said the UK was in a "national emergency, not a national holiday" ." Quoted in a number of UK media sources yesterday, after people travelled to National Parks, seaside etc for the one daily exercise period allowed at present. Current advice, now being enforced by police, is that exercise should be near home.
  12. I'd love to place more family friendly sized caches (as in original query on this thread.) But finding spots that are also suitable for family walks or scrambles isn't always that easy. I enjoyed making a series based on Minecraft figures but after a few months and several boxes emptied of age appropriate swag, I decided local kids were playing another game; "Where's she hidden it this time?!" Since changing all but one to small and micro, I seem to be winning at the moment. But it can get expensive replacing both caches and swag. Hats off to COs who manage to keep the larger caches going!
  13. Awesome! Since that's what I mainly use the app for, it just became usable for me. Thanks! Btw, it would also be nice to be able to open disabled caches in the app (when trying to do that now, I get a message saying that the GC code is invalid), the enable log type is a lot more useful then Hi - was hoping to disable one of my caches but unable to do so from current app. No sign of other app features I keep being told about, either. Using Android on Galaxy S3, and suspect not updated at all; showing as 4.4.1 Only option given is to uninstall, not update. Premium member; not sure where to go from here...?
  14. Hi - all my message history seems to have completely disappeared today. Icon to indicate there's a message waiting to be read is appearing but I can't see the message. Nor can I reply. Anyone else having problems? Or even better, anyone got any ideas on how to resolve, please?
  15. So, so agree. Making off-line lists from smart phone search on the app is currently simple, quick and effective. We don't all have access to PCs or tablets while out and about. If it ain't broke... And can someone tell me if I really will lose all my saved off-line lists from June....? Please, please tell me I don't have to try and move them all over manually. PS messaging system working really well - many thanks to those who worked on that. Had almost instant response from a CO today which probably saved me from being arrested for damaging something which definitely wasn't a cache!
  16. Agree with previous posters. Trying to use system with Galaxy/Android simply brings up "Communication systems error" message. Today, for example, got message while out caching but couldn't access it via website until back home on lap top. Frustrating for other cacher and for me. Please - email to email much preferred, with messaging system opt-out.
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