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  1. Same here... Another workaround for me is logging out, and then refreshing the screen so that I see all adventures. After this, I log in and then don't refresh the screen, so I can start the adventure. I hope this gets fixed soon!
  2. Same here. Not the right moment when you want to finish an AL that has a publication deadline of tomorrow...
  3. Yesterday was the third Wednesday of April, and again - just as in March - no new country souvenir? Edit: Apparently there have been new souvenirs for Cambodia and the Dominican Republic. I must have missed the communication around them then... Great to see new country-souvenirs being released!
  4. Maybe I missed it, but has there already been a release of a country souvenir this month?
  5. It is said that you can do an Adventure Lab as well to recieve the souvenir. However, if you're in Europe, and log a LabCache in the morning, the logging date on the website (as can be seen on the calendar) is dated on the previous day. In the overview of LabCaches however, the 'real' logging date is used. So here is my question: which date is used to award the souvenir? The date on the GC-website (which as a results mean that ie in Europe you shouldn't log a LabCache before noon), or the date of the Adventure Lab-website?
  6. When you're a paying member of Project GC, Labs are included in your streak (but not in the Ranking of Top streaks).
  7. Yesterday, I logged a LabCache in the morning in Brussels (Belgium). Since I am currently doing a streak, the purpose of that cache was logging it on February 8th. After logging it, I checked the GC-site, and saw the cache was dated on February 7th. It seems Seattle-time is used indeed. The strange thing however is, when I checked my LabCache founds on the Labs-page (https://labs.geocaching.com/logs) the cache is dated on February 8th. So Groundspeak seems to have the right date, but on the website another date is used. On Project-GC, the 'real' found date is used (February 8th), which now leads to the situation that the calendars on GC.com and Project-GC have different numbers on these dates. This is very confusing I think...
  8. I have tried a few testmodes, but in a few cases, the answers were not accepted. When I deleted the test, swiped the adventure out of the app and then tried again, it suddenly worked. Anyone an idea how this comes? I hope everything goes well once it had been put into public mode.
  9. And another new souvenir for next Sunday (I saw it in a Facebook-group, I didn't recieve it in an email or through another announcement): https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2020/01/new-souvenir-fun-in-all-directions/?fbclid=IwAR1mLJstmXI26qWhKMugLqcnXptFOcVbtq-5N6dKIGEPY6UYrGJKQRTDTGY
  10. A new regional souvenir was released today, for the Aland Islands. That's quite unexpected :-)
  11. It would be nice to be able to sort on these in the map as well (and to uncheck them as well - I regularly check the map for i.e. Cito's, but now all the CC-events are also shown on the Browse map, which will be a mess when more and more are published...).
  12. There's even 2 in Europe this year: in May in Prague (GC7WWW0), and in July in France (GC80101). Would be nice if it is in Seattle/GeoWoodstock as well!
  13. It seems the first one is already published as well: GC8HMJR. More will surely follow soon, looking forward to them!
  14. Indeed, it seems to work fine again.
  15. Not on my account. As gcstraggler noted, clicking on a date now shows logs from the following day... I.e. when I click on November 7, I get to see the logs of November 8. When a date is not followed by a day with logs, I get to see the correct logs (i.e. when I click on November 4, I see the logs of that date because I don't have any logs on November 5).
  16. This is on the website. What I called the homepage is actually called the 'Dashboard' I think. The 'Logs' is on the left side of that page (below 'Geocaches').
  17. For a few days now, when we click on 'Logs' on the homepage, something goes wrong on the next page: the most recent logs are shown, but when we click on a calendar data to see logs of previous dates, we get an 'Error 500'. Would be nice to see this working again, it's the fastest way to look up and edit my own logs of the previous days.
  18. I went caching, and after finding a cache with a clue, it did'nt show up in the app. So now I had jewels on the app, but misses one of the footprints, and 2 footprints on the site, but no jewels. After this I re-installed the app, and everything worked ok then, on both the site and the app.
  19. I noticed the following: I'm at 'level 2' (need to find the shadow, fingerprints & footprints), but in the app I already have found 2 of the diamonds as well. When I look on the website, it says 0/3 for all diamonds. So there is a difference of my progress between app and website.
  20. Thanks for the reply, I'm sure it will be fixed soon!
  21. Same here: when I filter from the search-page, I get a list of caches with the detective clue. However, when I map these caches, all caches in my area show up (even after trying to filter on the map-page)...
  22. What sometimes helps is not going to Project-GC by clicking on your profile on geocaching.com, but opening Project-GC in a different window by using the Ctrl-button (Ctrl + clicking on the profile). Here this works at least in IE and Chome.
  23. Same here, Sunday evening and an extremely slow website (on 2 different laptops)... This really takes the fun out of writing a nice long log. I hope they find a solution for it!
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