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Cache Mean Sea Level Elevation

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1 hour ago, GRAND7LEALAJM said:

1.  find the MSL Elevation of a given cache;

     -  I used to see this on the cache page, but I do not see it anymore.


I don't recall ever seeing this information on geocaching.com. Perhaps it was a script?


1 hour ago, GRAND7LEALAJM said:

2. Find all caches that I have found that are below sea level?


project-gc.com can gather that information, though if you have found any puzzle caches with listed, bogus coordinates over water, it will incorrectly assume that the cache was located underwater and list an incorrect elevation.

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1 hour ago, GRAND7LEALAJM said:

find the MSL Elevation of a given cache


Locus Map (an Android map/caching app) will, when it pops up the name of a cache under the crosshair, also show its ASL elevation.


More generally, if you show caches on a contour map, you could manually estimate the elevation ... but this is both tedious and low-resolution.


Those are the only ways I know.  Other caching apps may do similar.  GSAK likely has a macro.  I can point you to raw data files if you feel like programming.  :laughing:


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