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  1. I'm in the NSW lockdown, but am allowed to exercise within my Local Government Area. Fortunately, Shoalhaven is pretty big, a bit over 4,500 Sq Km, so I have plenty of places I can drive to and then exercise with a GPS in my hand. I have one unfound within walking distance of home - I missed FTF so have kept it in reserve - and hope to grab it this weekend for the souvenir.
  2. There's a beach about an hour or so South of here with a flat path containing a power trail of micros. They are specially crafted micros and more fun than a bunch of bison tubes. Anyway, I went for a nice flat walk at elevation of about 2m, collected 13 there, one trad and one solved puzzle on the way home. 5150 points. Mission accomplished.
  3. But Difficulty and terrain are just a few of the elements of a cache's design and, if they meant the same thing, it would be silly to have both. They are different things and have different impacts on the cacher's experience. Stairs and rooms are elements in the design of a house. If your house, doesn't have stairs, pretend it does, for a minute. If someone said "Jeff, please pop upstairs and fetch the small wooden box from the spare bedroom", you would pop upstairs, go the the spare bedroom and either find the small wooden box or not. If not, you would report back that you couldn't find it. If, half-way up the stairs you slipped, fell down and broke your leg, once you had finished saying all sorts of other things, you would report back that you couldn't get it because your leg is broken. You wouldn't say you couldn't find it.
  4. No, because I arrived at GZ, searched and didn't find it. Terrain is about getting to GZ, difficulty is about finding it when you get there (certain challenge caches excepted) If I didn't get to GZ, I would not log anything unless the reason for my failure would be useful/interesting/amusing for the CO or other cachers. I might write a personal cache note if I needed to remind myself about it for whatever reason.
  5. Again, I disagree. The blog post is quite clear. You searched and did not find. I went out with son-in-law in his serious 4WD ute, but the track was so wet and boggy that we couldn't get up the hill to GZ and I wasn't dressed to hike the last few hundred metres.. That, in my opinion, is not a DNF. I honestly find it strange that people would log a DNF when something completely outside the game causes them to abandon the journey. But that's me and that's others. Your example of getting within a few metres of GZ is, to me, borderline. You draw the line a bit further away that I would. No problems with that. I had a similar experience searching for a solved puzzle that I didn't realise was a tree climb. Not dressed, equipped or fit enough for the climb I abandoned the cache at the foot of the tree. Not a DNF for me, but if others treat it as one, that's cool.
  6. I find the content of your last two paragraphs most offensive. Threats and unfounded accusations should not be part of this forum. If you bother to look at my profile you will see that I proudly display my DNF statistics there. Check my hides, lots of DNF logs to be seen. If you can bother doing any research before throwing accusations about. Either find any evidence that I have ever deleted a DNF log because I disagreed with the content of that log or that I am the sort of CO who complains about the way others play the game, or apologise. Sure, I disagree with others where the boundary between found and not found is drawn, but I challenge you to find anything which constitutes a complaint about the others' point of view.
  7. I disagree. The reason for a DNF log is to show that you did not find the cache. No more, no less. If you did not get to GZ, there are other ways to remind yourself to try that cache again. Lists, personal cache notes, special database in GSAK (or a spreadsheet if you don't use GSAK). DNF is Did Not Find, not Did Not Search. When you log a Write Note the cache is still on the map, showing as not found, every time you look at that area of the map.
  8. My son has three challenge caches, based on finding caches which have not been found for at least 6 months. If I am planning a trip hoping to find such a cache then a false find log will prevent me from including the cache in my plans. Can a single false find log affect me? Yes. QED.
  9. II'm trying to envision a situation where you are unable to read and respond to your emails for more than 2 months and where nobody in the local geocaching community knows of your situation. I'm pretty sure that if I were hit by a bus and went into an induced coma for several months, during which time one of my caches went into the NM/NA stage, someone in the local community would post a note in response to the reviewer note. If my cache did get transferred, it would be to someone in the local community - the reviewer won't transfer it to someone outside the area - so there's an excellent chance that they would adopt it back to me. Surely you have at least one close friend or family member who caches and who would take temporary custody of the cache. Surely that's better than the cache getting archived and some unknown person gathering up the remains.
  10. But they do make the rules regarding listing caches on their site and they could change the rules. How about "For any cache listed after 1 Jan 2022 the owner must agree to our new Archive or Adopt policy. This new policy says that if a reviewer is about to archive the cache due to a non-responsive owner, the reviewer can solicit adoption requests from interested parties and transfer ownership instead of archiving the cache." This could not be made retrospective, but owners of caches listed earlier can voluntarily agree to the policy. Maybe cachers could register their interest in adopting caches within a given distance of their home location so the reviewer has a pool to choose from. It could work and be legal.
  11. If your friends want to place a cache, why not let them find an interesting location? A nice view or maybe some feature of their town that non-locals won't know about. Place a cache there. That would be better IMHO than just because it is close to a house.
  12. We were supposed to do a 28-day round Australia cruise out of Sydney. We got as far as Melbourne then about 4am, on the way to Burnie, we were woken up to the news that the trip was being cancelled. We did Burnie and Hobart and then spent 4 days getting back to Sydney as there was no berth for the ship before that. We disembarked, with no special precautions, the day before Ruby Princess returned! I still don't have SA or WA souvenirs
  13. We made it to Shanghai in 2019, our last overseas trip before the world shut down. We also made South Korea and Macau on that trip, but no Macau souvenir yet
  14. I also have 3 countries visited since caching where I didn't search Hong Kong - we were never there long enough, always just passing through Brunei - our day trip was too regulated and we never got within several Km of a cache Bosnia and Herzegovina - we passed through it twice since it cuts Croatia into two halves, but there was no cache near the customs posts
  15. I have found caches in 41 countries, 9 don't yet have souvenirs. I also lived in or visited well over 20 countries before caching; that's the frustrating bit
  16. Thanks hans. Looks like there's many ways to achieve this. Tony
  17. That would be a starting point. Thanks for pointing it out for me. It doesn't give the ioptions I need, but I could modify it to suit. It also doesn't put things into columns like a table would, but I'm giving up on that requirement. What I might do is make it output the columns of the current view. The challenge I'm looking at needs the elevation of each cache and that doesn't seem to be one of the current options. Cheers Tony
  18. Yes, those are options. I guess I'm more OCD than the CO as I'm the one wanting it to look pretty.
  19. Well, that settles that! Thanks for the advice Tony
  20. Some challenges need a list of qualifying caches and simple text doesn't line up properly. Tables would line up properly.
  21. I found one of my son's caches a couple of weeks ago and, as an experiment, he marked my log as "Great Story". I would have expected some sort of notification that someone liked my log, but nothing. If he hadn't told me he had done it I would never have known unless I looked at the log (and why would I?) What is the point of this? There's no incentive to write good logs if you don't know when someone likes them. I definitely don't want a public statistic about this, but I would like to know that someone has marked the log as helpful or a great story.
  22. I find it amusing that Platinum Members think that they are the highest level.
  23. I've got a trip planned, doing at least 5 ALs, plus lots of caches. The trip ends on April 11th!
  24. That's true, but asking here means the reviewer chooses to reply. Asking a local reviewer is bothering someone who might be busy. It seemed to me to be more polite to ask here.
  25. Thanks. Curiosity assuaged. I guess I'll get another notification if it gets published again.
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