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  1. GSAK has a macro which will list logs from another player. If you use GSAK you could do it that way.
  2. I was at an event with my son. A friend asked us to help. She had solved the puzzle but couldn't climb the tree. My son was fit enough to climb the tree but couldn't reach the lowest branch (and he is 6' 3"). I became the ladder he used to reach the first branch. We all claimed the find.
  3. I treat an adventure as a series of virtual caches and count them all. Most of the ones I have done have taken me to interesting places, which is one of the reasons I cache.
  4. OK, let's look at those caches and their hiders. CooperHallgarth aka Crossed*Coopski is a teenager and lives one street away from me. He had a burst of enthusiasm years ago, came back into the game last year, hasn't logged on since July and last found a cache in June 2021. Like most teenage lads he has other, more pressing issues. RockHopper is a keen cacher who lives the other side of Nowra. NationalSteel is my son, a very enthusiastic cacher who happens to live two hours away in the Southern Highlands. BlacknWhite moved out of the area and I'm doing unofficial maintenance for him. J&J.au have also moved out of the area, way down South. And so it goes. As I said, I'm the only serious cacher within 50 Km of my home. I've explained what irks me, and why. I'm not going to keep trying to justify that to folk who don't understand the situation. This is my last post on this particular subject. Bye.
  5. I am the only serious cacher living within 50 Km of my home. I own most of the caches in my home area. I also have 4 Adventures with a 5th in the planning stage. I have introduced several locals to the game and none of them stuck. None of this does me the slightest good when looking for a significant number of caches. As I said above, my main caching partner lives two hours away, by car.
  6. It's easy for someone who doesn't understand the situation to make suggestions which simply do not work. My caching partner lives 2 hours away in the opposite direction. My wife isn't a cacher and when we go out for the day I won't make her sit in the car while I stop every 160m to get another cache.
  7. The problem with that approach is that I will eliminate a source of caches for the next session. In the case I gave above, I think there were 46 caches in the area. If I take 34 of them then there are only 12 left, so I need to get a different area next time, even further from home. If I were able to guarantee the bonus items, I may only need 22 or 23, leaving the rest for next time. A lot of the unfound caches within 50Km of home are T4 or higher and I'm just not physically capable of doing those. The achievable ones are scattered throughout the area and not suitable as targets for this sort of exercise as it takes too long between caches. My trip for the July/August souvenirs was over 2 1/2 hours each way, just to get to the area. My next one could be 3 hours each way. That doesn't leave much time for actual caching.
  8. There's no chance they will change the current promotion. I'm just hoping that they consider this for the next one.
  9. What really irks me is the random nature of signal items in the current promotion. Don't get me wrong, I like the bonus points but the random factor is annoying. There is no group of unfound caches within a 1 1/2 hour drive from home, so I have to plan a full day trip to get enough points to escape. At 15 points per cache I need 34 caches to guarantee 500 points. I cache with a GPS and don't log until I get home, so I can't track my progress in the field. There was a trail with 40-odd caches. If I can get 4 items in 20 caches, I can save the other 20 for the next set. However, if I assume that 20 will be enough I might only get 2 items and have to do another day trip. The random nature makes planning impossible. Just award an item for every 4 or 5 or 10 caches. Or a bonus after every 100 points. I don't care what the rules are, but remove the random factor.
  10. Thans to you both for your advice I looked at the GPSMap and eventually decided to go for the 32X. I know my way around the E-Trex series and that helped the decision. Thanks again Tony
  11. I have had two E-Trex GPSrs and both had the power button fail. I need to get a new GPSr, so what is the next level up, one which doesn't have early-fail power buttons. Advice please Tony
  12. It looks like ALL of mine, for that Adventure only, are showing the same wrong date. Other adventures seem OK
  13. My "Historic Milton" adventure has had 57 reviews. The statistics show that the first finders were in January 2020 and Wilbert67 found it two days and 22 hours after the first finder, so that would be around Feb 1st 2020. However, the reviews page shows that everyone, including Wilbert67, wrote their reviews on 13th May 2022. The source code for the page shows that the dates are correct there, so the error must be in the decoding of the reviews. I have changed the sort order for the reviews, so that may have been the issue. I have opened and closed the web page repeatedly, but the error persists.
  14. Yes, I'm sure a GSAK macro could do that. Pop over to the GSAK forum - gsak.net/board/ - and ask there.
  15. Perhaps "force" was too strong a word but imagine you were the owner of a bridge club, a chess club or any other business where the behaviour of each of your new, at the moment non-paying, customers has an impact on your paying customers. Wouldn't you ensure that they had a basic understanding of the rules before you let them play their first game? Or would you let them throw the cards or chess pieces across the room because that was the way they thought the game was played?
  16. I've never used the app, so excuse my asking this, Does the app force the first-time user to read those links, before getting into the real stuff, or are these things hidden away until the user decides to read the? If the former, great. If the latter, not so good.
  17. I've just realized that this means I have a 5th adventure. I'm running out of ideas! Goodness knows what I would do with a 6th!
  18. I think I know why the double-logging appears to happen. When I get to the point where it says loading more logs, sometimes one or more logs are duplicated. I suspect that it takes the original number of logs, adds one and starts from there. Meanwhile one or more new logs have been added so the start point, the nth+1 cache, is calculated from the new first cache.
  19. There are currently 3 trackables in this cache! Interesting that there is no container to put them in.
  20. That'll teach me to read the topic heading. I was trying to find it on the website
  21. Where can I find this QR code, please? I've looked everywhere (except, probably, the place it is hiding) on both my profile and a friend's profile. I am using the new profile, not the old one.
  22. At the bottom of this page is a "Contact us" link. Click that then click the "Can't find what you need?" dropdown and ask them there.
  23. Not necessarily. Since I have corrected the coordinates, it would seem to be a reasonably simple bit of javascript to do IF Corrected Geolocate the coordinates and display that country and state ELSE Display the default country and state. ENDIF As it is, Groundspeak reckons that Washington, United States is about 57 Km SE of me.
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