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Adventure Lab App Bug: No rating implies 1-star rating...

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In the field, when I have completed an Adventure Lab, I sometimes write a temporary comment like "Log to follow. Thank you!" and I publish my comment with no rating. Then, in the evening, I take the time to write a full comment and select a rating.


But for some time, I noticed that when I come back to edit my comment, the rating is at 1-star whereas I have never registered a rating.


Please fix this bug because this is very disadvantageous for Adventure Lab creators who end up with a 1-star rating every time geocachers post a comment without a rating.


I am using the Android version of the App, in French.


Is there the same problem with the iPhone version?


Image 1: Before posting the comment, with no rating




Image 2: When I come back to edit the comment, I realize that the number of stars in now 1...



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3 hours ago, OusKonNé & Cétyla said:

A retroactive fix would surely be appreciated by geocachers who have been awarded 1-star ratings unintentionally.

I don't think there is any way to determine if the rating was intentional or not - so a retroactive fix would probably be impossible to fix? Granted, the vast majority of ratings are  in the 4-5 star range - so those 1-star ratings are LIKELY to be unintentional, but who knows for sure?

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I cannot help but wonder if this is related to the quick view box only showing ratings (#), rather than the number of people who have completed the adventure lab. That number is important, especially early on. An accidental one star rating, someone who did not choose to leave a rating, at least indicates to future finders that the adventure lab has been completed by someone.

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