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  1. Thank you for this bug report. We are working on a fix.
  2. This does appear to be a bug on Firefox after a recent update we made. We will investigate this. We have been making a series of mostly behind-the-scenes code updates to the labs.geocaching.com website to consolidate and clean up nearly 10 years of code, with the intention of being able to improve the experience for Adventure Lab® creators in the future. Thank you for this report.
  3. @Night-Hawk We are trying to get more detail on this so we can evaluate. Can you share if the map view loads for you and it is just the Directory List that is not loading consistently?
  4. Hi, I wanted to share a little bit about the recent new statistic addition to the Adventure Lab® app profile screen. This new stat, "Completed Adventures", is a count of full Adventures you have completed. An "Adventure" contains a collection of "Locations" (also known as stages). Currently, all completed "Locations" count as a Lab Cache find on Geocaching.com. As we shared in our intentions statement, above, "We encourage Adventures to contain compelling narratives, for their stages to share a common theme, or for them to unfold in a sequence defined by the content creators." To support this intention, we thought it would be valuable to show players a count of the Adventures they have completed, as this is not a statistic that was easy to locate previously. The "Find count" you see in the Adventure Lab profile remains the same as it did previous to this addition. It is your total Find Count of all caches you have found, including Lab Cache finds.
  5. @ThurgoodWhitechapel Thank you for the additional steps - we continue to investigate this. @dbox We are investigating this as well but we are not able to reproduce after testing Firefox v 82.0.3 on multiple devices. Are there any other details you might be able to provide? Are you by chance running the script GC Little Helper? Players above noted that turning off this script resolved the issue in some cases.
  6. @MartyBartfast The fix we released addresses the zoom level issues reported here but not the issue you reported where the whole world map is displayed. We are still looking into that one. Thanks.
  7. We just released a fix which should addres the map zoom level issues reported here. I've noted the other issues and we are continuing to investigate and work on this. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for this detail about where this bug is happening. We continue to investigate and these details are helpful.
  9. @jeffgamer & @edscott Thank you very much for the details. We are investigating this.
  10. We are looking into this. We did just release a fix about an hour ago, for zoom levels, which is why there might have been a blip of discrepancy. However, it appears it may only partially be working when the city comes back with an associated state. We will continue to investigate.
  11. @jeffgamer Thank you for reporting this. We will take a look. I have tested the behavior I think you are reporting on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and am not able to reproduce the bug. If you are willing to share more details that would be helpful. Are you on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop? Could you share your version of Safari? The version number can be found under the “About Safari” under the “Safari” menu. Can you confirm these are the steps you are taking? From Safari browser, when you are opted into the Map version 1.2, go to a Cache details page, like https://coord.info/GC896PK From that Cache details page, Click the "View Larger Map" link Result: You are taken to https://www.geocaching.com/play/map, but get the error message Expected: You are taken to https://www.geocaching.com/play/map and see the details of the cache, with the pin of that cache highlighted on the map Thanks for any details.
  12. Thank you for reporting this and the details. We have notified the Engineering team.
  13. If none of the quick filters are active for you, none will be displayed. This was updated by design so that you will only see the quick filters when they have relevant information about your hides.
  14. @K13 Do you mind sharing your team account name so we can investigate? Also, to be sure I understand, were you on the Cache owner dashboard when you saw the Low Health Score report, or, were you on the (New) player dashboard?
  15. Today we released a new Quick Filter on the Cache owner dashboard. Cache owners will now see a new quick filter if one or more of their geocaches needs attention as determined by a low Health Score. Cache owners can select this quick filter to see a table of their caches that have this filter applied.
  16. @barefootjeff We released a fix for this issue. Thanks for the bug report. @thebruce0 I love that you asked. We have heard some player feedback regarding how large, and challenging to use, the existing filter panel has become but also, in listening to players and as a Pocket Query user myself, I understand the value of filtering to include and exclude attributes in their positive and negative states, for certain outings I am planning. We are watching feedback and assessing but aren't able to make any commitments at this time.
  17. Thank you for the feedback on the new Cache owner dashboard. There are some great ideas for potential future features and we continue to investigate some of the bug reports. Today we released a few small updates: - On the main Cache owner dashboard page, we have updated the styling of the quick filters to be the same height and to be separated more clearly by published/unpublished state. - The four current quick filters will now conditionally show for players. You will only see quick filters if they are active for your hides. - On the Cache owner dashboard published and archived tables, we have added a count of the trackables in your hides. Learn how to mark trackables as missing in the Help Center.
  18. We are looking into this issue. Thank you for sharing your OS and browsers with us as we try to identify the issue. If anyone can share the specific webpage address of the page/s they land on when they see the "I agree" modal when they aren't able to click on the button, that would also be helpful.
  19. Logging geocaches in the new log flow should be fixed now.
  20. Logging geocaches in the new log flow should be fixed now.
  21. This bug is related to our most recent release. We are investigating a fix to this issue. Release Notes have now been posted: Release Notes (Privacy law compliance) - December 31, 2019. We will continue to monitor for bugs and report updates in the Release Notes thread.
  22. This bug is related to our most recent release. We have fixed this bug and logs should now be loading on Cache Details pages. Release Notes have now been posted: Release Notes (Privacy law compliance) - December 31, 2019. We will continue to monitor for bugs and report updates in the Release Notes thread.
  23. If you type or paste the GCCode into the "Add geocache to List" modal, the search will not auto-return the geocache. However, if you enter the GCCode, and select the Enter key on your keyboard, this will add the Archived cache to your List. We are investigating a better way to handle this but, this is a workaround on the List Details page currently, to add an Archived cache to a List by GCCode.
  24. Based on your feedback, we have now released a highly requested new feature for the Lists: On List Detail pages, you can now ‘Filter & Select’ geocaches on the List based on the geocache status of Found, Archived, or Disabled On your own Lists, when you Filter & Select on one of these statuses, you can Delete this filtered selection from the List or Add this filtered selection to a different List When viewing another user’s Public or Shared List, you can ‘Filter & Select’ on the geocache status of Found, Archived, or Disabled When viewing another user’s Public or Shared List, when you Filter & Select on one of these statuses, you can add this filtered selection to a different List of your own We also released several additional features and bug fixes based on feedback: Ctrl + click will open a link in a new tab Select a range of checkboxes using shift key. To use this, select the box for one geocache in your List, hold down the Shift key and select a box for another geocache, down your List. This action will select that geocache, and all of the geocaches in between. On a List Details view, after selecting a sub-set of geocaches, and adding them to another List, your selected geocaches will remain checked. This way you could easily delete them from the List. Sort by Status is fixed
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