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  1. @OusKonNé & Cétyla & @Max & 99 If possible, could you share what version of the Adventure Lab app you are using? You can find this in the Advenutre Lab app > Go to the Profile Screen > Go to Settings > the app version will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Thank you for the report, we are investigating and working on a fix.
  3. Thank you for the report. This is a known issue and we are working on a fix.
  4. @TommyGator Can I double check that you are talking about this for the Adventure Location/stages map? (Not the main directory map where all of the Adventure pins are displayed)
  5. This functionality is now in the filter panel. If you select the filters for Completion status, "In progress" and "Not started", you will not see Adventures you have completed on the map and directory list.
  6. You can still view all of your Adventure details without adding a theme. If you edit your Adventure details (not Location specific details), you will have to add a theme before saving those edits. You can view and edit Adventure Location details without adding a theme. As far as the 'completion' message, each Adventure Location can have a unique completion message, which should be viewable in the web builder if you select the pencil icon to view that Location's details. When a player completes the whole Adventure (not just a Location), there isn't a unique message that is displayed, it is an image from the Adventure, the title of the Adventure, and "Congratulations".
  7. We do intend to add filtering on Themes in the near future. We intend to allow some time for creators to go into their Adventures and add themes before we will add this feature to the app.
  8. Your filter selection will be retained when you reopen the app, when you are logged in. If you log out and then log back in, you would have to select the filters again.
  9. I edited my post, above, to clarify a bit. Using filters, each player will still be able to choose if they want to see completed Adventures or not by selecting the appropriate filters.
  10. One other note to be aware of with this release: the Profile setting to "Hide completed Adventures" is currently still in v.1.3.21, but using the new filters will override this setting. We intend to remove that setting in a future build and default to filtering for this completion status. Edit: Players will still be able to use filters to choose if they want to see the Adventures for each completion status, or not.
  11. Thank you for posting this issue. I am glad that logging out and logging in worked for you but, we are tracking this issue and will look into a fix.
  12. Thank you for this report and the clear screenshots, it is very helpful. We have been tracking this issue and will continue to investigate to find a solution.
  13. We are investigating the bug report when the time displayed is defaulting to 0-30 min when it should be '--:--", when there are less than 5 completions. Thank you for this report.
  14. Thank you for your feedback, particularly for sharing bug screenshots and repro steps, and for sharing specific Adventure Titles and details when the time to complete an Adventure estimate seems particularly off. We are watching this experimental feature release closely and we are investigating optimizations that can be made to improve the algorithm. Additionally, we are working on a bug fix for the count of Reviews that are displaying, in some languages, as "[Missing {{rating}} value]]".
  15. Thank you for this bug report. We are working on a fix.
  16. This does appear to be a bug on Firefox after a recent update we made. We will investigate this. We have been making a series of mostly behind-the-scenes code updates to the labs.geocaching.com website to consolidate and clean up nearly 10 years of code, with the intention of being able to improve the experience for Adventure Lab® creators in the future. Thank you for this report.
  17. @Night-Hawk We are trying to get more detail on this so we can evaluate. Can you share if the map view loads for you and it is just the Directory List that is not loading consistently?
  18. Hi, I wanted to share a little bit about the recent new statistic addition to the Adventure Lab® app profile screen. This new stat, "Completed Adventures", is a count of full Adventures you have completed. An "Adventure" contains a collection of "Locations" (also known as stages). Currently, all completed "Locations" count as a Lab Cache find on Geocaching.com. As we shared in our intentions statement, above, "We encourage Adventures to contain compelling narratives, for their stages to share a common theme, or for them to unfold in a sequence defined by the content creators." To support this intention, we thought it would be valuable to show players a count of the Adventures they have completed, as this is not a statistic that was easy to locate previously. The "Find count" you see in the Adventure Lab profile remains the same as it did previous to this addition. It is your total Find Count of all caches you have found, including Lab Cache finds.
  19. @ThurgoodWhitechapel Thank you for the additional steps - we continue to investigate this. @dbox We are investigating this as well but we are not able to reproduce after testing Firefox v 82.0.3 on multiple devices. Are there any other details you might be able to provide? Are you by chance running the script GC Little Helper? Players above noted that turning off this script resolved the issue in some cases.
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