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Event Cache: Kayak Trip to Indian Arm


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Well, my condition has worsened. I won't be out on the boat launch to see you all off into the wilds of Indian Arm.


I'm simply too sick to go out. If anyone going on the expedition sees this before you go, please mention to Pat that he can go to Deep Cove Kayak and ask for a kayak reserved under the name Calder.


Good luck all!



Mr Peabody and his fabulous WABAC Machine.

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Originally posted by Geo-Trekker:

Hey Jomo,


If you still got a seat in your boat, I might take it. It would make for a good time don't ya think? You can paddle forwards and I can paddle backwards!


See you in Deep Cove tomorrow AM.




A man with a GPS knows where he is...A Man with two GPS's is never sure!

We missed you at breakfast this morning. We were all talking about you and wondering where you were. Maybe next time. icon_wink.gif

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I'd like to thank everyone who showed up for the event. Sorry you couldn't make it MrPeabody, hopefully you'll be able to join us for the next one -- there was lots of talk about doing a two night event next year.


It was a huge success and we all had a terrific time. Awesome weather, good company, lots of caching, and even a couple of surprise caches.


I'll be uploading some photos to the event cache page tonight (got some good ones of everyone umbrella sailing).


Thanks again to all who attended for making this an exceptionally enjoyable experience.



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Originally posted by Jomarac5:

Thanks again to all who attended for making this an exceptionally enjoyable experience.


Thank you for organizing and leading this event. It was a great time with wonderful people. The "wild" caches were especially memorable. Count me in for the next one!




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Just thought I would throw my two cents in. It was a blast guys. I would love to do an Island trip. Particularly the West Coast.


Will definately drop you a line (Dagg & Peregrine007) next time I am over. Probably second week of October.


Thanks again Jomarac5 for all the effort you put into this event.


You can steer all you want, but it is all for not if your not moving forward!

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