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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a non-functional Garmin GPSMap60CSx. If it's out of warranty, just plain worn-out, dropped, waterlogged etc. let me know; I'd like to get one for parts, but cheap. Let me know what you've got - accessories not required but welcome. Thanks!
  2. You have mail re: my newly replaced Vista for the GPSMap 60.
  3. I have an unused, warranty replacement eTrex Vista (plus cables and cigarette adapters, maps etc.) that I'd like to trade for something (mapping) with a quad-helix antenna and a larger screen, except the Magellan SporTrak series. Maybe a Magellan Meridian Gold or Marine, something in that area? I want something suitable for year-round kayaking on the west coast - my SporTrak Map died again and I'd prefer a larger screen than the Vista offers. Here's your chance to get a new unit with electronic compass and barometric altimeter! email me. Mark www.WestCoastPaddler.com
  4. I have an unused (warranty replacement) eTrex Vista (top-end eTrex series) that I'll trade for pretty much anything (Garmin or Magellan other than SporTrak) with mapping capabilities and a largish screen. Anything in mind?
  5. Or this? Hey! That looks amazingly like my boat, a Nigel Dennis boat from Wales called the Romany Explorer. BTW, a local kayak shop sells a similar (but slightly smaller) Romany kayak for $4300, and that's just a single kayak (i.e. one person, not two or 2.5). Scrolled down a bit and... hey, that take-down buck saw looks familiar too! Can't go camping without it!
  6. That's exactly what mine did when it died. I tried all the re-flashes and everything else I could find; nothing worked. So, I sent it back and they sent me a refurbished (although still cracked!) one.
  7. I hold my 76CS more or less horizontally 90% of the time and rarely lose signal except when under heavy tree cover. Hmmm... I guess maybe we just have bigger trees out here (or more of them or something).
  8. Recalibration seems to work well, but it's strange that they'd incorporate the compass in such a way that you have to hold the unit horizontally to get accurate compass readings, and yet you lose satellite reception unless the unit is held vertically. That's my only 'complaint' about it though - otherwise the 76S is a great little unit!
  9. I just sent my SporTrak Map in for warranty; I don't know the date code on the original but it 'died' after getting caught out in a heavy rainfall - water probably entered thru the small cracks in the housing, which I remember noticing some time ago. The screen would occasionally fog up from the inside after being placed in the warm sun. Today I received a 'new' (replacement) unit - quick turn-around from Bill's Electronics in Ontario; they seem to handle all Magellan's warranty and service issues here in Canada. The replacement unit looks like new (date code is 4103, so it may well be a refurbished unit, but the case appears to be brand new), but upon close inspection the NEW unit has bulges at the top and bottom screws on the left side, and already shows a very small crack (you can feel it with your fingernail) at the middle screw on the left side. This is going to be the unit I use while kayaking, so I'm not sure how long it's going to last in those wet conditions!
  10. Looks like something that some of the more extreme teams up here may be interested in - at Team Phoenix we're always looking around at gear that's more rugged than your standard spec, for some of the X-Treme GPS Team contests which can take us out to some rather harsh climates and conditions for days, even weeks at a time. We're always interested in gear that can take more abuse and handle the rigors of long days in the extreme cold and wet, or hot and dry conditions according to where out contests take us.
  11. Too bad - I would have offered to figure it out on my Vista if you wanted to send me a copy of the CD's
  12. I'm no-where near those co-ords, so I can't help you directly... but if you search for caches close to that latitude you should be able to find cachers in some local towns. There are a few places that pass close to your "line": Williams Lake BC (N52 deg 11.0', W122 deg 10.6'), Red Deer Alberta is reasonably close (N 52 deg 16.4' W 113 deg 47.2'), and Saskatoon Saskatchewan is very close (N 52 deg 08.8' W 106 deg 40.7') Hope that helps - good luck!
  13. Apparantly you can do it by changing the downloaded map name if your GPS has a storage card (not sure if yours does or not). Download the first set of maps, change the name of the map set on the storage card, then download your second set. If you don't have a storage card (as is the case with the SporTrak series units), I don't believe it's possible to have two sets of maps from differrent MapSend applications (ie USA and Canada). Bummer, dude!
  14. For any of you that are interested in exciting GPS contests with big $$ prizes, check out some of the contests put out by the X-TREME GPS TEAM up here on Vancouver Island on the Canadian west coast. Their contests span much of British Columbia Canada, and they've also been 'branching out' into areas of the United States including California, Nevada, Utah, and more... There's even a big contest going on right now that takes place almost entirely (or maybe altogether entirely - who knows!) in Utah! Check out Operation Desert Command for all the details! So, get a team together and participate, or just log on to check out some of the action at Vancouver Island GPS! Team Phoenix is a regular to these contests... will you be our next competition?!?!
  15. Sounds neat! Peregrines are not usually very large though...(normally they're about the size of a crow).
  16. I'm seriously considering a pre-order... but it is a little pricey. I wonder if I could convince someone to split it with me...
  17. There are some software pacakges that will allow you to plot routes and add waypoints to their maps, and then upload your routes or waypoints to the GPSr, but if you're talking exclusively about uploading maps and map details (i.e. contour lines, street maps, points of interest etc.) directly to your SporTrak (so you can see the detail on your GPS screen), then the Magellan MapSend software is the only package you can get that can be uploaded to the Magellan receivers. The same holds true for the Garmin receivers - only Garmin's MapSource maps can be uploaded to compatible Garmin mapping receivers. So no-one can tell you that a different receiver is better for mapping etc. - it's all up to the maps that Magellan and Garmin have available.
  18. I've done a few caches like that around here; as long as the computations aren't extremely detailed (i.e. having you travel mundreds of miles at a very specific bearing) I think pretty much any GPSr will do those calculations for you. From my experience, the Map76S will do them, as will the Garmin Vista, Magellan Meridian and SporTrak Map, and just about any other good GPSr.
  19. I have a new Vista (replaced under warranty), plus all sorts of Garmin maps and accessories... I've sent you an email.
  20. Technically, businesses that are shipping products to other provinces are supposed to collect taxes for, and remit to, the destination province. That is, although there is no PST charged in Alberta, a business located in Alberta would have to collect Quebec's PST (or HST) and remit to the government for shipments destined to Quebec. But, we all know what REALLY happens...
  21. Oops - it wasn't deleted after all! Oh well, my bad!
  22. It would seem the last thread was deleted... hmmmm..... Oh well - I'm here to start it up again! Yup, the Kayaking event cache is still a go, and is scheduled for May 1-2. That's coming up quick, so sign up now! Check out the cache page at: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-fad88d52d10f Everyone with any kayaking (and geocaching!) experience is welcome!
  23. We're looking at May 1-2 as the likely dates. Exact location details to be posted soon...
  24. OK, now that I'm logged in as the right person... We're thinking about a 40km round trip (20km each day) or maybe a little longer. Depends what caches we aim for. I have to look at a map of caches in the area and plan a tentative route. Stay tuned!
  25. I'm throwing this out there to see who'd be interested in a weekend-long kayak trip from the Victoria area. We'd probably put in in the Sidney / North Saanich area (possibly Swartz Bay...) and do a few caches in the closer Gulf Islands, camp out overnight on one of the islands, and paddle back the next day. The idea for this came from last year's trip up Indian Arm (North Vancouver) hosted by Jomarac5. We'd love to see some of the Vancouverites come over for this! So, who's up? We're thinking early May (yeah, that's less than a month away!) but exact dates are to be decided based on peoples commitments and availabilty. While you wouldn't have to be a die-hard kayaker to do this trip, it's probably not a good one for people who have never paddled in the open ocean before. A slight breeze can kick up some good chop in this area, and there is a considerable amount of large boat and ferry traffic to contend with also. Post a note here, and let's see who's interested!
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