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Maximum cache page length?


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On 6/22/2022 at 10:11 AM, BigFurryMonster said:

Is there a maximum cache page length?


Maybe I'm confusing it with something else, but when we started, I thought it was 500 words for the short and 5000 for the long description.

Now I don't think there is one.      :)

Even then we wondered who would actually go through all that before it became annoying...

Most times we don't bother with very-lengthy descriptions on low D/T hides, finding that most never had anything to do with the cache.

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21 hours ago, Hügh said:

...but when I tried to add 50,000,000 characters...



... which I regard as a feature ;) . Otherwise, if you actually could stuff 50 million characters into a cache description, it would create 50MB+ GPX files, which might easily crash apps and/or GPS devices.

Many years ago, there was a 3rd-party HTML editor to create cache descriptions, which uses "inline" BASE64-encoded images, leading to several MB of data per cache. This didn't work well at all with many GPS devices, and after some complaints, GS disallowed such coding.

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1 hour ago, cerberus1 said:

500 words for the short and 5000 for the long description




34 minutes ago, baer2006 said:

which might easily crash apps and/or GPS devices


You give me an idea...




My guess it that there likely is no (attainable) limit because they are storing the cache description in a TEXT column.

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