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Hey! Hey! Hey! Everybody it’s me GeoChamp!

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself. Currently I reside on the west coast of British Columbia Canada. I’m just new to the game and thought I would start this thread after having followed some of the local caches, and the bizarre, funny, strange, competitive, deranged stories that seem to follow. My challenge to the locals if you even call it a challenge, is that I will prove to be the new and reining GeoChamp on the upcoming cache put out December 28 by Team KFWB GPS called a Watchers Point of View. My challenge to the “WORLD” where by we can all become GeoChamps in our own way is as follows: I want to see every member in this site make a charitable donation by 11:59pm December 24, 2002. Your donation can be in the form of money, a toy to a sick child, clothes to the homeless, time, just a little something to make someone else’s December 25 a little brighter. After you have made your contribution, post it here and help make this thread the largest thread in the site. To the outside world, the entire Geofamily will look like one big team of GeoChamps. If you follow through I take off my gloves and give you a GeoChamp HUG. If you don’t follow through, I say pardon, looooose it, snap, head fake you with satellite No.17 you go for it, then I deliver a flurry of gps machines to the mid section followed by my famous uppercut to the head bone %^#)!&**$ your done, finished, on the canvas looking up at all the satellites. Merry Christmas. Ever since I’ve been the GeoChamp!!!


PS. Tell a fellow cacher time is running out.

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Cazuuky it's me Geochamp!

I'll be there, where ever there is, in full fight'n form. These caches sound like way to much fun. We may have to ask someone to step forward as a new player called "GeoReferee" none the less it should be a flurry of fun. Ever since I've been the Geochamp!!!

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Well, I don't know about needing a GeoReferee anymore. There was one cache that may have benefited from having one, but that problem seems fixed now.


The quality of the teams going for the BIGGEST caches are evident by the so darn close finishes. What can I say. I have failed to deliver the winning dash for the cache. My lamenting on the cache pages doesn't change the fact that the chases were great.


So, you figure you're a sure winner? Cool.


Any chance GeoDoctor is on your team?



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So what happened to the future (or reigning) GeoChamp today? Where were you thinking we'd look? You're not looking for the Ghost of the GeoDoctor are you?


Thank you to THE TEAM for a Garmin Vista.


Getting back to the point of this thread, I would like to suggest if people want a great way to support something, sponsor a child through Compassion Canada.


The reason for Christmas lives every day.



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