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A list of all the ALs I have found


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54 minutes ago, NanCycle said:

I am trying to locate/create a list of all the ALs I have found.  My Profile shows 91 Lab caches found but I could only locate 89. How can I find which 2 I am missing?

I go to my profile and click on Lab Caches. Check the very bottom for the Undelete button, in case you deleted two previously.

Oops. We were typing at the same time and you already got your answer.

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On 11/1/2023 at 12:22 AM, StefandD said:

Unable to tell.

I just get an Error 500 screen. No way to log in or to see if I'm logged in.

Sorry, I quoted the wrong user, I actually meant @Max and 99 for whom it works.

In the other thread @Captain_Cookie wrote that you should send an email, which I have now done.


Edit: I just got the message that the error has been fixed and it is now working for me again.

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