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  1. Go to Android's Setup --> Apps --> App management* --> WhereYouGo. Look under Open by default* if Wherigo.com and www.Wherigo.com are checked. If not, check them. That should do the trick. (* Translated from Dutch, it might have a slightly different name)
  2. Kijk even bij Instellingen (van Android, niet van de app) > Apps > Standaardapps > Links openen > WhereYouGo. Hier hoort onder "Links om te openen in deze app": Wherigo.com www.Wherigo.com te staan. Als dit er niet staat, op Link toevoegen drukken en beide aanvinken.
  3. POI's are handled differently from waypoints and can only be removed by deleting the complete file. For the Smartdrive you have to connect it to a computer to be able to delete them.
  4. In the map \POI\. You will probably find more files here, e.g. Garmin Cyclops files are also stored here. POI's have the extension .gpi. Files created by DriveAssist begin with a tilde (~).
  5. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download Scroll down to your continent/country.
  6. I have tried this also. It works, but Android automagically copies system files onto the Garmin unit. It doesn't matter for the Garmin itself - the files are ignored - but for me it's unwanted behaviour. I want to keep the Garmin file system clean.
  7. I successfully transferred a gpx file from an internet server to my Montana for a couple of times. Yes, the geocaches were converted to waypoints, but at least you have the coordinates.
  8. Take a look at the Explore app from Garmin. This app can synchronise waypoints and tracks between your Garmin, the cloud and your phone.
  9. If you use GSAK: yes, with the macro GarminExport you can choose to export the User Notes as a log.
  10. Van concepten krijg je geen notificatie. Waarschijnlijk heeft de cacher de caches als gevonden gelogd, heeft de hij/zij een fout ontdekt (verkeerde caches of zo iets) en daarom de logs weer verwijderd.
  11. https://www.deingenieur.nl/artikel/after-13-years-galileo-satellite-navigation-complete-at-last Quote from the article: Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_(satellite_navigation) Quote from the article:
  12. Actually, no. Since Galileo is in the air, the theoretical accuracy is less than 1 meter. As you stated, the 3rd digit had an accuracy of 2 m or less. So 3 digits simply is not enough.
  13. The Garmin Communicator was depreciated many years ago due to safety issues. But you still can download GPX files: On every cache page you have the option to download a GPX file. Download it and move it to the \Garmin\GPX\ folder on your Montana. As a Premium Member you can create lists. Lists can be saved as a GPX file but you can sent it directly to your Montana. For this feature Garmin Express must be installed. Pocket Queries are also an option. Create a PQ, download it and unzip it to the \Garmin\GPX\ folder on your Montana.
  14. It's a new 'feature' in Firefox 98, see https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/98.0/releasenotes/.
  15. The bonus is a different cache. It is (usually) a mystery with its own GC code. Usually, the owner of the Lab Adventure refers to the bonus in the description of the Lab Adventure. You can find the listing of the cache in the Geocaching app or on the website. In the listing you can find what to do with the clues you got. It is up to the cache owner if the bonus is premium or not.
  16. I don't remember this feature on geocaching.com, but I used this a couple of times in GSAK.
  17. Bij Instellingen: Kaart noord boven aanzetten.
  18. Setup --> Map --> Advanced --> Zoom Levels Here you can change the zoom level for waypoints, geocaches, et cetera.
  19. I use Windows 11 for a week now and I have no problems running GSAK. The only thing I noticed is that the progress bar flickers a little bit. I don't use the FSG stats macro, so I can't tell if that works or not.
  20. Yes, it's a phone setting. In Android 10: Setup --> Apps --> View all xxx apps --> Waze --> Advanced --> Default --> Open --> Do not open in this app (or: Ask every time, if you want to be able select an app every time) Maybe you have to do the same for Maps, and select Always open (or also Ask every time). It depends if you have more routing apps installed. The terminology might be somewhat different, as I use the Dutch Android version.
  21. I don't know that one, I use this one:https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B08HPP4GRP But that is just protection for the screen. I don't use a complete cover.
  22. Maybe the file has accidently been marked as read only? Then the unit won't be able to alter it. You can delete the existing geocache_visits.txt. A new file will be created the next time you log a cache with your Oregon.
  23. I have the Montana 700 over a year, too. 1./5. Never had any issues with the battery or power button. Never needed AA batteries. The battery pack can easily last a full cacher's day. 2. I use the TOPO maps all the time, but never experienced "excruciatingly slowness". 4. To get my hands free, I took a cord from a transceiver. Works like a charm.
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