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What Cache is on your "Must Find" Wish List?


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If you were not limited by Time, Money or Physical Ability, What Cache is on your "Must Find" Wish List?  For me it would be the following geocaches:


Earth's Roof - Mount Everest Peak (GC2BX63).

International Space Station (GC1BE91)

Antarctic Views (GCDECD)

Lego - einer ist zuviel (GC13Y2Y)

Mission 8: Wattle’s Edge (GC1058)

Mission 11: Tallow's Sand (GC1412)


I have dreamed about finding this caches. Sadly some of these geocaches are beyond my physical limits and some are long archived. 

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I thought I'd have a crack at GC819T6, though I'm not a big Puzzle cache person.


I was able to find the hidden link, which provided an audio file. As the description implies, it's audio of a crying baby. I tried a few methods to check the properties, metadata and a few other methods of hiding information in an audio file (except the python-script ones) but wasn't able to come up with anything meaningful. Looking at the waveforms in an audio program didn't give any patterns that could be used to get a coord such as counting peaks.


That's about the limit of my abilities...

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A unique cache I found that had a high D and T with an audio file was one by Fizzymagic (archived long ago). The audio file when played  sounded like an alien.  Tried all I could think of to get info from it with no luck.  Got a hint from a previous finder- Fourier Transform. Found a program that could do that to an audio file. What came out looked like a "voiceprint" and there were the coords as plain as day. The high terrain was the location.  The top level of a local shopping mall parking structure.  The upper level had a high wall with  a metal fence above it.  needed  to stand on the roof of an SUV/van/truck or use a tool to reach it. A friend devised a tool to extend up to the cache about 10 feet above.The mall security came by about every 20 minutes so you had to time the retrieval  and have a lookout.

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