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Ghost Town Caches Needed


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Columbia is a great Gold Rush town and has a few caches to hunt in the Central Valley. We have 4 natural caves near by that you can go spalunking in or just take the walking tour down. I believe each have several caches at or near them.


Far to the south is Calico Goast Town.


This will give you something to work with. I'm sure others will have more as well. Have a great trip.


Bill of Green Achers


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Originally posted by bthomas:

Bodie has one (and a virt). Aurora and Masonic have caches, too.

Bodie is a State Park and is an interesting place to visit, but the Chemung Mine near Masonic is a must do if you are in the area. We went there and it was one of the best cache locations that I have been to. You will have the whole place to yourself. Here are a couple of pictures from our trip:





Rocket Man

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Thanks RocketMan. I'm glad that folks have been enjoying the cache at the Chemung Mine. It really is a spectacular place that I think really gives you a good feel for what it was like back then.


I had been spying it on the map for years and was not disapointed when I was finally able to make the trip up there. Hopefully next year I'll have a chance to travel to the backside and place a cache near the remnants of the tramway that carried the ore from the mine into Masonic itself.


Dunderburg is on my list too!



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