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How do I find the Adventure Lab ID#?


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AdventureLabs do not have a reference code like regular geocaches (ie: GC12345)

You cannot search - neither by name nor by code - for a specific adventure. Not even in the AdventureLab app itself. :rolleyes:

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9 minutes ago, HHL said:

Which part of "of an AL that I want to do?" did you not understand? :rolleyes:


Should have added "ask the cache owner for the link" to the end of that.


Still that's no reason to (cheekily) discredit my answer. It's easy enough to come to that conclusion from what I suggested.

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2 hours ago, HHL said:



Nevermind, you can get the link from inside the app by tapping "Share". 


Then again, it's not the "ID" of the Adventure, so I'm not sure if this helps.



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When I've used the GSAK macro Import Adventure Labs, I can see at the bottom of the GSAK page for each stage of the AL: the Adventure Lab ID, and the Lab Stage ID.

Here's one of the Lincoln Highway Adventure lab ID links: https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/4353c579-3f31-4fff-961a-fe6d00a7e868


The links are useful because I can send a list of Lab ID links to my friends easily so we can plan on doing a group of adventure labs together. At least, I find it easier than sending a bunch of qr codes.

However, right now Groundspeak did another one of their updates and the GSAK macro is not working to import lab adventures into GSAK.


To the people that suggested that each lab adventure and each stage doesn't have a unique identifier, think about it. Of course they do.  Having access to those identifiers, or should I say having Groundspeak limit or block access to those identifiers, is another issue entirely. 


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