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Draft logs not deleting when posted


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I save draft logs while out caching, using the official app, and then use the website to complete the logs to submit them. Once you post a draft log they disappear from the list of drafts. 


Over the last couple of days (no more than that) this automatic deletion of draft logs after they have been posted has not been happening. So far I've only seen this on Found Logs, and I am not sure whether it is happening with all draft logs or only some of them.

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Are you seeing this issue in the old "look", or the new one?  I have the new version of the Draft page selected, and my Found draft worked (vanished automatically) without issue yesterday.  The draft was made in The App.  I'm also using the Brave browser on a Win 10 PC if that makes a difference.

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I have the same issue as ErewashPaddler for some weeks now.


Some drafts reappear in my draft list as i logued the cache for days.

Even when i delete all the drafts one by one, or using "delete all", they keep reappearing endlessly. This is very annoying

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I have the same "challenge" as mentioned.

I use the "new" draft list, and I have logged them all and they dissappered - but next time the drafts are back! I have deleted them several times, but they returns the next time I logg inn to geocaching.com. At this moment I got 43 drafts, that I have logged earlier and deleted 2 or 3 times, but it does not help. 


HQ are welcome to chech my account if it can help in fixing this bug!



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We also experience this, and it is starting to become quite annoying! We have had this issue for a couple of months now, but it doesn't seem to go away. The last couple of weeks it is the same caches that keep returning, and the strange thing is that these are caches we logged weeks ago.


If HQ has a solution for this, we are very ready to welcome it :-)

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