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A <snip> Advisory

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Yesterday a conscientious, knowledgeable, and extremely alert Waymarker personally warned warned me that I had, the previous day, approved two Waymarks submitted by <snip>, the photos, and likely the text, for which were, in all likelihood, purloined from other online sources, without attribution.


The "conscientious Waymarker" turned out to, indeed, be correct. The photos in the two Waymarks I had approved were all discovered by myself to have been taken from other sources. Hence, I reevaluated the Waymarks and declined both.


On April 6 of this year <snip> submitted about 12 Waymarks, 8 of which, at this moment, remain. I examined the photos accompanying each of nine (one has since been declined) remaining Waymarks and found that a total of 4 photos were jpegs, the remainder were pngs. ALL of the pngs were discovered to have been lifted from other websites OR were Google Street View Images.


Apparently, there are others, possibly from the same area, who are undertaking similar underhanded forays into the realm of Waymarking.

Category Officers, make of this what you will!



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Please keep it general, thanks
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1 hour ago, Max and 99 said:

You never cease to astound me, the-one-who-can't-be-named but reads all forum posts. And that's "astound" not in a good way. I should learn to expect nothing else.


Defensively, I must assume that this was aimed at none other but our beloved Wayfroggie.:)


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13 hours ago, elyob said:

I have been away... from the forums.  Is this <snip> that I would know or is this a new <snip>?


You never know, some <snip>s have multiple personalities. At least, it is a new incarnation. Maybe really a fresh <snip>.

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